Wednesday, July 05, 2023

Utah Promotes Queerness to Kids

If you read the left-wing press, you might get the impression that Conservative Republicans are censoring libraries, and not letting children read good books.

Utah is the most Conservative Republican state, and is controlled by Mormons. So I was surprised to see the Salt Lake City Public Library Kids’ Section.

Mormons do have some unusual beliefs. See Mormon cosmology.

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CFT said...

What you will find is,
Most of Utah is conservative, but in cities like Salt Lake City you get an entire class of quislings who follow government employment opportunities like the locusts that plagued the early Mormons.

Wherever there is an dense urban center that is forced by federal law to be 'woke', and hire people who would not be able to be employed with their skill sets elsewhere, there you will find lots and lots of stupid people trying to justify their employment by doing 'something', even if they have no idea what they're doing. It's about the 'feels' as they call it. Virtue signalling is very destructive (and expensive) in the hands of a useless bureaucrat.