Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Sam Harris blames Islam for Fanaticism

Jewish Atheist Sam Harris has posted another rant about the Israel-Gaza war, 5 Myths about Israel and the War in Gaza (Episode #351).

His main point is that Israelis are modern civilized people protecting their legitimate interests, while Moslems are unfit to be on the same moral plane. At 35:00, he says the fundamentals of our religions matter, and are different. Religious tribalism is always a potential source of intolerance and violence. Islam is the worst, and he calls out the doctrines of martyrdom, jihad, apostasy, and blasphemy. Moslems must moderate their beliefs, because they do not value human life the way we do. Jihadism is the one ism that can no longer be tolerated (18:40). Gaza should just peacefully submit to Israeli authority (21:00).

A lot of people call Harris a bigot for saying stuff like this, but I think it is completely legitimate to call out others for their beliefs, even if those beliefs came from religious brainwashing. Especially if they came from religion.

Okay, but Judaism is the most tribal of the major religions. Harris likes to deny being religious, but he was born to a Jewish family and identifies with the Jews. He identifies with Israel, even though he may never have even been there. His views are typical for American secular Jews. He is a Trump-hater. He talks about destroying Gaza as if they were sub-human.

I agree that Moslems need to moderate their beliefs, and that we should not tolerate jihadism. But Jews need to moderate their beliefs also.

Monday, January 29, 2024

Systemic Racism at Harvard Medical School

PBS TV announces:
Dr. Uché Blackstock has seen firsthand how medical racism shapes health care in America. She's dedicated her career to work at the intersection of medicine, health equity and systemic racism. Her new memoir, "Legacy: A Black Physician Reckons with Racism in Medicine," details both historic health care inequities and her own family history. She joins John Yang to discuss her work and experiences.
Her only example of racism was that she had appendicitis while a student at Harvard Medical School, where her Black mom had also been a student, and the Massachussetts hospital emergency room did not diagnose it correctly at first.

So are the Harvard professors trying to kill off Black students? This does not even make any sense. While people get misdiagnosed also. She probably had better access to expert medical care than 98% of the population.

Sunday, January 28, 2024

How the Jews lost the Young

Most Americans over the age of 40 are strong supporters of Israel. They accept Zionism, Jewish homeland, etc. They just think of the Palestinian Arabs as a bunch of no-good terrorists.

But Americans under age 30, and on college campuses, do not seem to accept any of this. Israelis are similar to Nazis, and are doing ethnic cleansing on stolen land.

American Jews have spent the last 20 years with propaganda campaigns on how it is anti-semitic to say that the Jews run Hollywood, and on how holding Jews accountable is just the same as Nazi death camps. And how Trump is just like Hitler.

None of this seems to have made much impression on today's youth.

Right-wingers are still mostly pro-Israel, but leftist organizations that used to be dominated by Jews are now anti-Israel.

How did this happen? I am not sure. My guess is that it is partly a byproduct of Jews pushing Marxist ideologies. Those ideologies can be favorable to Jews if they are seen as an oppressed group, but now everyone sees them as oppressors, and not oppressed.

I just watched Adam Schiff on tv, and he argued that Trump should be put in jail and Biden elected, because Trump is a divisive figure. He also said it was just that Trump was ordered to pay $83 million.

What? Biden is must more divisive. Biden prosecutes his political enemies, and has record low approval ratings. Trump is much more liked than Biden. And no one could honestly think that Trump owes $83 million. This is just an example of Jews being oppressors.

Saturday, January 27, 2024

Lawfare abuses Defamation Juries

The dishonest and unfair lawfare against Donald Trump continues.

E. Jean Carroll just got a $83 million jury verdict against Trump.

Here are the facts. Carroll wrote a book claiming that Trump raped her in a high-end NYC department store in the 1990s. She did not report it at the time, and cannot say what year it happened. The whole story is preposterous, as no one ever gets raped in a high-end nyc department store.

The first jury said that she lied about the rape, but awarded her $5 million anyway. The second jury $83 million.

The lawsuits were funded by Reid Hoffman, a billionaire Biden donor.

I see regular YouTube ads from Sandy Hook parents. They already sued Alex Jones for a billion dollars, and now they are running some kind of gun scam. I did not follow the ads.

These lawsuits are all bogus, and attacks on free speech. We need laws limiting defamation judgments. Carroll was not harmed by what Trump. She probably sold more books.

Trump says he never met Carroll. No one has proved that wrong.

Jones got criticized for saying that the Sandy Hook story was a hoax, but he did raise legitimate questions about the story, and he should have a free speech right to do that.

Our legal system is broken. The judge in the Carroll case did not allow Trump to argue that he was innocent, or that he did not defame Carroll, or that Carroll is a lying lunatic, or that Hoffman bankrolled the case.

Bill Maher broadcast his weekly HBO anti-Trump rant, and this time he bragged about how Brazil elected a president with all votes cast and counted the same day.

Okay, that is exactly what Trump demands! We used to do elections that way, and it arguable that federal law requires. The excepttion was 2020, when Trump got a clear majority of votes cast and counted on election day, but was declared the loser based on unverifiable other ballots.

If you want fair elections, vote for Trump.

Friday, January 26, 2024

What Is White Culture?

D. F. Mulder attempts to define White culture:
Ancient Greek philosophy. Roman Empire. Bacon. Bread. Cheese. Objective truth. Aesthetics emphasizing discipline and fertility. Classical music. Architecture. Free speech. Individualism and self-defense. Property rights and markets. Industry and action. Christianity. Heroism, self-sacrifice, war, and conquest.

“White culture” is anything non-Whites and anti-Whites and Western power structures generally struggle to define precisely, but detest as either “vestiges” of or “pillars” of White supremacy.

The NY Times says:
White doesn’t represent a shared culture and history in the way Black does.

Thursday, January 25, 2024

NY Times says USA Border is a Crisis

The NY Times has a video on how our immigration system is broken, and on how the issue is hopelessly polarized. It says that we have a crisis at the American borders, even though the Democrats deny it.

No compromise has been possible, because hard-line Democrats refuse to put any meaningful limits on legal and illegal immigration. The issue has heated up in recent years because immigrants have displaced the White population in 48 states. (All except Montana and Vermont.)

I was surprised to see the NY Times admit all this. It still favors high immigration, because it says White Americans are not reproducing quickly enough to meet labor demands.

The Democrat Party is now for open borders, and for celebrating White displacement at every opportunity. If you favor moderate immigration, then you have no choice but to support Donald Trump, because everyone else is for radically transforming the American population.

Here is identity politics at work, from yesterday's news.


Haley, whose Sikh parents immigrated to America from India in the 1960s, said she encountered racism throughout her childhood in South Carolina a week after she declared the United States has “never been a racist country.”

“We were the only Indian family in our small Southern town,” Haley told NBC on Sunday. “I was teased every day for being brown. So, anyone that wants to question it can go back and look at what I’ve said on how hard it was to grow up in the Deep South as a brown girl.”

No, she was not teased every day for being brown. She is not even brown. She is just lying to gain favor with White-haters. She has joined the anti-white-male coalition that is taking over American politics.


"What is your reaction to this thought that with your background in particular, with your career, that there is some thought that you're incapable?" Coates asked.

"Most women who have risen in their profession, who are leaders in their profession, have similar experiences," Harris said. "I was the first woman to be elected district attorney, I was the first woman to be elected Attorney General of the state of California, and I'm the first woman to be vice president."

Note that she does not give us any evidence of her competence. It is because she is an incompetent woman of color, and that is why she was picked to be VP.

Haley and Harris are both incompetent, and relying on identity politics. Haley has only distinguished herself by being a warmonger. She promised to pardon Trump in order to help heal the nation, but only after she spends a couple years prosecuting him and fighting his appeals. She is evil.

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

The Case for Colonialism

Colonialism has become such a bad word, that it is hard to find any discussion of the pros and cons.

New video

Bruce Gilley is a professor of political science at Portland State University. Bruce wrote an article in 2017 for Third World Quarterly titled, “The case for colonialism.” This enraged people who called for him to lose his academic position and be stripped of his PhD. The article was retracted due to credible death threats. In 2023, he published a book by the same name.

Before his academic career, Bruce worked as a journalist in Hong Kong. This experience strongly influenced his views about colonialism. In 2021, we produced a series on my channel called, “Decolonize Explained” where Bruce debunks the myths around colonization.

In this conversation, Bruce and I spoke about the Harvard plagiarism scandal, DEI, and the broader academic landscape. Then, we switched the topic to his book, “The Case For Colonialism.” We discussed the reality of colonialism and what history gets wrong, as well as what may have occurred absent colonialism. The conversation concludes with a discussion about what is next for Bruce’s career.

Death threats for an academic essay? When there is that kind of censorship, there is always some truth to what is being censored.

Monday, January 22, 2024

Magazine goes Woke, then Broke

Red State reports:
Things aren't looking good for Sports Illustrated, the once-storied sports news entity. The once-storied outlet, which has become increasingly far left over the years, laid off most of its staff on Friday, putting the entire future of the brand in doubt.

They went woke, and now they've gone broke. ...

In 2020, Sports Illustrated decided to showcase a "transgender model" who embodied the "well-rounded woman" in the swimsuit edition. In 2023, the outlet went even further, putting another "transgender model" on the cover.

This is baffling. Somehow they made a deliberate business that a sports magazine would promotes pictures of men dressing in female swimsuits. Did they really think that they would gain subscribers? Is there anyone who wants to look at such pictures? My guedss is that even transgender people do not want such pictures.

Maybe the magazine wanted to commit suicide.

No, I cannot believe that anyone thought that it was a good business decision. I conclude that the transgender movement is now so powerful that it can destroy a magazine to promote its goals.

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Facebook invests in Open Source AI

The NY Post reports:
Artificial intelligence experts are raising alarms after Mark Zuckerberg said Meta plans to make advanced AI tools “widely available” to the public — despite warnings they could eventually pose a threat to humanity. ... ...

“The thought of open source AGI being released before we have worked out how to regulate these very powerful AI systems is really very scary,” Hall said. “In the wrong hands technology like this could do a great deal of harm. It is so irresponsible for a company to suggest it.”

Yes, nwe technologies are scary to those controlling the old technologies.

The AI large language models (AI LLM) are changing the world like the invention of the printing press. They are putting knowledge in the hands of hte masses, like the internet, indexed search, and Wikipedia.

Meta/Facebook will still have an edge, as it is investing billions of dollars in AI computers.

Saturday, January 20, 2024

Teacher says being Straight is Offensive

The NY Post reports:
A Seattle high school teacher has been accused of berating a student for describing himself as “straight” — saying it’s “offensive” because it suggests LGBTQ people must be “crooked.”
This may be an isolated incident, but this is coming. Many public schools now teach kids to be an LGTBQ slly. in other words, to take sides in the culture wars.

LGBTQ folks are crooked. Try looking up queer in a dictionary.

Friday, January 19, 2024

Jordan Peterson to be Re-educated

Do you need more proof that the entire psychology profession is evil?

The College Fix reports:

Jordan Peterson must undergo a social media re-education to keep his license, a Canadian court ruled Tuesday in the latest round of a lengthy battle between the famed psychologist and the Ontario College of Psychologists.

A Canadian court rejected Peterson’s appeal and there were “no reasons provided,” Peterson wrote in an op-ed Wednesday for the National Post.
Peterson should be considered the world's best psychologist. He has millions of followers all over the world. He videos are excellent. He describes psychology research and knowledge very well. He has helped milllions with his books and lectures. Almost everyone likes him.

So what is the problem? Apparently he expressed some opinions that were not fully political correct. I don't know what, as he never says anything offensive or particularly controversial.

Update: The charge is that Peterson is undermining trust in censors!

According to the college’s decision, which was quoted in last week’s court ruling, Peterson risked “undermining public trust in the profession of psychology, and trust in the college’s ability to regulate the profession in the public interest.”

Thursday, January 18, 2024

Biden Defends Ukraine and Israel, but not USA

Tobias Langdon writes:
War is a great clarifier. First in Ukraine, then in Gaza, war has made it clearer and clearer to more and more Whites that the West is ruled by a hostile elite of Jews and their shabbos goyim. These kings and queens of Clown World are passionately committed to defending the borders of Jew-ruled Ukraine and Israel. And they’re just as passionately committed to erasing the borders of gentile nations like America, Britain, and France.
So why is the Biden administration defending the borders of Ukraine and Israel, but not the USA?

Explain it to me. If Biden is a Jewish puppet, it all makes sense. Is there another explanation?

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

The Trump Economy was Better

Roger Lowenstein writes in a NY Times op-ed
The typical household’s living standard improved during the three Trump years before the pandemic. Under President Biden, Americans have (at best) struggled to keep even with inflation.

Mr. Trump’s huge personal negatives — his mean-spirited personality, his toadying to dictators and shunning of American allies and his unpardonable effort to steal an election — should more than offset his economic record.

Wow, that last sentence is delusional. Biden is the most mean-spirited President since Wilson. Trump did not prosecute his political enemies. Biden toadies to China, not Trump. Biden's foreign policy has been a disaster, especially in Afghanistan, Ukraine, Israel, and elsewhere. Biden is the one who stole an election, not Trump.

Trump is so much better than Biden in every respect, that there is no need to explain Trump votes. Biden's job approval is down to 33%.

The news media complain endlessly about Trump. Mostly about his personality, or weird theories about what he was thinking or what he might do. But ultimately it is a contest between the Trump record and the Biden record. And the Trump presidency was a lot better. I do not even see anyone trying to argue otherwise.

That does not mean we should shrink from honestly assessing performance, including economic performance, under Mr. Trump as well as under Mr. Biden. Mr. Trump is so off-putting, many find it hard to evaluate him rationally, as we would anyone else. But it is right to do so, and we learn from having our eyes wide, not shut. And — something Democrats should have learned by now — condescending to Trump voters will not win many of them over.
Off-putting? Biden and the Democrat Party is firmly aligned with those trying to exterminate White people. He is letting millions of non-white illegals into the USA, and blaming Whites for everything.

Update: I see MSNBC has a policy of not showing any video clips of Trump. Censoring him to preserve Democracy, I guess. So when Trump made a statement about the Iowa win, they only showed leftist spin on it.

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

California Schools have Secret Tranny Plan

The NY Post reports:
California’s Attorney General cautioned school districts across the state that policies requiring employees to report transgender students to their parents violated the state’s constitution.

Attorney General Rob Bonta issued a legal alert on Thursday that said the policies adopted by several Golden State school districts are unconstitutional and “detrimental” to the privacy, safety and well-being of transgender and gender-nonconforming students.

What? The California Constitution still says:
Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.
So there is some other clause saying schools have to secretly turn kids into trannies? Of course not.

This is evil. It is what the Democrat Party stands for today, besides endless foreign wars and mass Third World immigration.

The main argument for this is that parents are resistant to having their sons castrated. Yes, of course they are.

Monday, January 15, 2024

Four Tenets of Neo-Liberalism

Tucker Carlson says Nikki Haley is all-in on the four tenets of noo-liberalism:
  • white guilt
  • finance-based economy
  • mass immigration
  • endless neo-con wars
  • Not sure what he means by "finance-based economy". Is it sacrificing quality of life for GDP growth? Or using debt to enslave people?

    These four issues cross party lines. There are Republicans, like Haley, on the wrong side of these issues.

    Sunday, January 14, 2024

    Airlines Recuit Incompetent DIE Pilots

    Victor Tangermann writes on Yahoo News:
    Earlier this week, multi-hyphenate billionaire Elon Musk endorsed a tweet suggesting Black students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) have lower IQs and shouldn't become pilots.

    "It will take an airplane crashing and killing hundreds of people for them to change this crazy policy of DIE," he tweeted, intentionally mixing up the letters of the acronym for "diversity, equity, and inclusion."

    Civil rights groups were understandably horrified at the billionaire's racist comments.

    "The only thing anyone needs to hear from Musk about diversity in the workplace is an apology," Marc Morial, president and CEO of the National Urban League, told NBC News, calling his statements "abhorrent and pathetic."

    In his tweets, Musk appeared to imply that HBCU students shouldn't be allowed to become pilots. However, neither his statement nor the tweet he was responding to stand up to virtually any degree of scrutiny, from made-up average IQ numbers to wrongfully correlating high SAT scores with high IQ.

    Musk also claimed that a United Airlines program that allows students at three HBCUs to interview to become a pilot meant that the airline had "prioritized DEI hiring" over "safety," a demonstratively false statement that only further highlights his twisted worldview.

    It has become common for the DIE crowd to badmouth SAT and other standized tests, but they are actually quite reliable predictors of college and future success. Even the leftist NY Times admits it.

    A lot of people figure that affirmative action hires are not so bad, as there is usually a White man to clean up the mess created. Maybe not, on an airplane.

    Friday, January 12, 2024

    Only Minor Errors found in Trump Election Report

    I posted Summary of 2020 Election Fraud by a Trump supporter, and called for a fact-check.

    Now there are a couple of critical articles.

    Bill Lueders writes:

    Far from being a laughing matter, this is perhaps the most diabolical document that I have ever seen. It is breathtaking in its denialism, fervent in its commitment to the Big Lie, and masterfully alchemistic in its attempt to turn accusation into evidence. Trump’s lies about the 2020 election, which he insistently repeats at every opportunity, have never been more compellingly rendered. It’s so slick that you don’t have to be stupid to be taken in, although it helps.

    Trump’s decision to release this report in the thick of his multiple legal battles reminds me in its recklessness of the apocryphal conundrum of the Manhattan Project scientists in the film Oppenheimer: They acknowledged the theoretical possibility that an atomic bomb test might set off a chain reaction that would destroy the entire planet and then did it anyway. ...

    In recent weeks, when he’s not channeling Adolf Hitler, the former president has taken to calling Joe Biden, of all people, “the destroyer of American democracy” and “the most corrupt president we’ve ever had.”

    Trump has also accused Biden of “weaponizing government against his political opponents like a Third World political tyrant,”

    Yeah, Trump is just like Hitler, and posting a list of election irregularities is just like the atomic bomb.

    His essay only found one error:

    For instance, the report states that Gableman “found nursing homes in Milwaukee, Dane, and Racine counties with 100 percent turnout.” ... a review by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel found just one nursing home in the state with that level of participation.
    Okay, the report claims at least two nursing homes, and a newspaper just found one.

    The other rebuttal comes from the Wash. Post. It outs Liz Harrington as the author, and claims to find two errors:

    The report also says the Wisconsin Supreme Court deemed in 2022 that ballot drop boxes were illegal under Wisconsin law. That was two years after the 2020 election, and the ruling did not impact those election results.

    Justin Grimmer, a public policy professor at Stanford University, described the report as filled with “long-running debunked wild claims.” One claim he hadn’t previously seen, he said, is a suggestion that in Michigan there were more votes than voters.

    “It’s kind of insane, because the number of active registered voters in Michigan was 7.1 million in 2020, and 5.5 million people turned out to vote,” Grimmer said. “I don’t know what data analysis that person is doing. … But very clearly there’s enough registered voters in the state of Michigan to support 5.5 million people turning out to vote.”

    So Wisconsin did use illegal drop boxes in 2020, but action was not taken until 2022.

    Yes, that is what Trump has been saying. The 2020 election used illegal procedures, and officials overlooked them.

    I don't know about the Michigan voter count. Maybe there is some dispute about who was properly registered.

    This leaves the vast majority of the election issues unanswered. Our system depends on verifiable elections, and we plainly do not have it.

    Thursday, January 11, 2024

    Trump Questions Haley's Qualifications

    I posted Haley is not Eligible to be President, and Pres. Trump posted something similar.

    NY Mag is outraged, along with the NY Times and much of the mainstream press:

    Earlier this week, Trump posted a screenshot of a Gateway Pundit post saying Haley isn’t qualified for the presidency under the 12th Amendment, as “her parents were not U.S. citizens at the time of her birth in 1972.”

    This is clearly untrue. Nikki Haley was born in South Carolina in 1972, so she’s an American citizen eligible to run for president, end of story. ...

    The Constitution says “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.” While the meaning of the term “natural born citizen” isn’t totally clear, it’s widely understood to include, at the very least, people born in the United States.

    Okay, the meaning is not clear, and many people ignore the "natural" and take "natural born citizen" to mean anyone born in the USA. However there are legitimate historical reasons to take "natural born citizen" to mean someone born in the USA to citizen parents.

    There are good reasons to want the President to be a legitimate American, and just some immigrant or anchor baby. Haley, for example, was an anchor baby, and is not particularly loyal to American interests. She talks a lot about involvement in foreign wars and the concerns of foreigners. She wants to let millions of foreigners come to the USA. And she says she will continue to prosecute Trump, although she will pardon him before he is jailed. She has unpopular views about the Civil War.

    The real point of Trump’s post was to smear Haley with his favorite racist conspiracy theory. Questioning Barack Obama’s citizenship helped launch Trump’s political career, so he later ran the same playbook against political opponents Ted Cruz and Kamala Harris.
    Racist? Haley and Cruz are Caucasian. Cruz was born in Canada. There are still questions about Obama's birth. His father was not a citizen, and possibly not married to his underage mother. People think Harris is Black, but she is actually half Jamaican and half Hindu.

    The NY Times says Trump Promotes False Birther Conspiracy About Nikki Haley. But there is nothing false of conspiratorial about it. Haley was born to non-citizen parents. She has admitted it.

    The thing that makes Trump most hated is that he is pro-American. Look at the vitriol in the above story, and in the similar stories elsewheree. Why call it a "racist conspiracy theory"? There is nothing racist or conspiratorial about it. It is just applying the Constitution, and asking that the President be a genuine American.

    Wednesday, January 10, 2024

    Summary of 2020 Election Fraud

    This summary has been submitted to the court, in one of the Trump cases:
    It has often been repeated there is “no evidence” of fraud in the 2020 Election. ...

    Ongoing investigations in the Swing States reveal hundreds of thousands of votes were altered and/or not lawfully cast in the Presidential Election. Joe Biden needed them. On Election Night Nov. 3, 2020, President Donald J. Trump was sailing to reelection with landslide leads in numerous battlegrounds. ..

    Since, investigations across the country have uncovered an avalanche of irregularities, unlawful activity, manipulation of election records, destruction of evidence, and fraud. The findings, which are outcome determinative, are detailed in the summaries of the Swing States.

    I cannot verify the many detailed and specific allegations. It needs to get fact-checked.

    If many of these are true, then the 2020 election was stolen. Even if they are all false, they are plausible, because the USA does not run elections in a fair and verifiable manner.

    We should have elections where average citizens can be convinced of the legitimacy of the outcomes, or what is the point?

    The 2020 election was a disgrace, and we are not even trying to fix it.

    Tuesday, January 09, 2024

    Battling for the Soul of this Nation

    I posted that Pres. Biden has declared his campaign for re-election to be based on stirring White hatred. If you do not believe it, listen to his recent speeches, or the leftist press.

    NPR Radio reports:

    President Biden's 2024 campaign message is coming into sharper focus after a speech in South Carolina. During a visit to Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, Biden drew a connection between the racist murders of nine Black churchgoers in 2015 and what his campaign asserts is an ongoing threat to democracy from the far right.


    PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: The word of God was pierced by bullets and hate, rage, propelled by not just gunpowder but by a poison. Poison that has, for too long, haunted this nation. What is that poison? White supremacy. ...

    MARTIN: So President Biden talked a lot about the January 6 mob attack on the Capitol in his speech at Mother Emanuel. And he talked about how the former president - the Republican frontrunner, now - played a role in it. But the massacre in Charleston was in 2015. That's the year before Donald Trump was elected president. So what does one have to do with the other? ...

    HARRISON: Well, the connection is that Donald Trump is a threat to that freedom. Donald Trump, a man who, you know, remember, the president got into this race because he said we're battling for the soul of this nation. When he saw that the president of the United States was saying that fine people are on both sides when talking about the hatred we saw in Charlottesville - and so that hatred in Charlottesville was also - it's just an extension of the hatred we saw at Mother Emanuel in terms of Confederate flag, in terms of believing white supremacy in this nation.

    The Charlottesville issues were destroying Civil War monuments, censoring right-wingers, and objecting to Jews importing foreigners to replace American Whites. The violence was partially caused by police:
    Heaphy’s report noted that several officers heard [Black police chief] Thomas say in the police command center: “Let them fight for a little. It will make it easier to declare an unlawful assembly.”

    There you have it. The Biden message is to hold a coalition of White haters.

    He will never tell you why

    I found these online.

    Monday, January 08, 2024

    Chetty Finds a lot of Meaningless Correlations

    New lecture:
    The Science of Economic Opportunity

    Children’s chances of earning more than their parents have fallen from 90% to 50% over the past half century in America. How can we restore the American Dream of upward mobility for all children? In this talk, Raj Chetty, director of Opportunity Insights and professor of public economics at Harvard University, shows how big data from varied sources ranging from anonymized tax records to Facebook social network data is helping us uncover the science of economic opportunity. Among other topics, Chetty discusses how and why children’s chances of climbing the income ladder vary across neighborhoods, the drivers of racial disparities in economic mobility, and the role of social capital as a driver of upward mobility. He presents data on the state of economic opportunity in California in particular to provide a local context to these national patterns. Recorded on 10/25/2023.

    This is highly regarded work, as if he is a shoo-in for a future Nobel Prize. (Ie, Bank of Sweden prize in Economics)

    I am suspicious of his stuff. First, he and his team use datasets that no one else has, such as highly confidential IRS tax data. This means that other scholars cannot check their work.

    His papers seems to be carefully cleansed of any objectionable conclusions. Worse, it appears that he had his conclusions before doing the research.

    A lot of his papers seem to be reading causality conclusions into correlations. But correlation does not imply causation, and he never does any controlled experiments.

    Drivers of economic mobility include innate IQ, innate behavioral traits, parental upbringing, schooling, wealth, etc. Chetty looks a lot at neighborhood characteristics that are almost certainly not causative. And he ignores factors like IQ that certainly are causative. I do not see any value in his work at all.

    Suppose research told us that Black people live in Black neighborhoods, and those neighborhoods have lower economics opportunity. That would not tell us anything. But that isall Chetty's research is telling us.

    Sunday, January 07, 2024

    Sam Harris goes full Judaism

    Sam Harris is mostly famous for denouncing religion, and now released a new podcast:
    Sam Harris speaks with Rabbi David Wolpe about the global response to the atrocities of October 7th, 2023. They discuss the difference between Israeli and diaspora Jews, the history and logic of antisemitism, the role of conspiracy theories, Great Replacement Theory, reasons for Jewish success, right-wing antisemitism, left-wing antisemitism, the response of Harvard to October 7th, the college presidents’ testimony before Congress, the future of DEI and civil discourse, the BDS movement, antisemitism vs anti-Zionism, Jewish acceptance at Ivy League universities, the antisemitism endemic to Islam, foreign funding of US universities, and other topics.
    Harris is a Jewish Atheist who previous criticized Judaism, but now reveals himself to be very much a Jewish believer.

    They admit that anti-semitism on today's colleges is almost entirely from the Left. Nevertheless they attack Trump and right-wingers. They say right-wingers complain about internationalists, leftists, and pro-immigrationists, but they are really attacking Jews.

    They complain about attention to Jewish power, saysing that internationalism and leftist are not entirely leftist. They complain repeatedly about how some say that the Great Replacement Theory is engineered by Jews. They do not deny it, but say that some non-Jews are involved also.

    The religion of Judaism consists primarily of promoting Jewish ethnocentrism by telling stories about Jewish persecution. Based on this, I call Harris a religious Jew.

    Saturday, January 06, 2024

    Haley is not Eligible to be President

    With all the partisan talk about kicking Pres. Trump off the ballot, no one is talking about excluding Haley:
    In Nikki Haley’s case, it is well documented that neither one of her parents were citizens, natural born or naturalized, at the time of her birth in 1972. It has been previously reported that a South Carolina-based newspaper included a quote from the Office of Nikki Haley, stating that “her parents were not U.S. citizens at the time of her birth in 1972 and did not become citizens until 1978 and 2003.” Thus, although the parents may have been lawful residents at the time of her birth on South Carolina soil, which may or may not confer her with the privileges of citizenship, it is important to note that she does not qualify for the Constitution’s higher requirement of natural-born citizenship.
    This seems clear-cut to me. She does not meet the minimum constitutional qualifications to be President or VP.

    Trump-hater Steven Calabresi writes that the 14th Amendment does not apply to Trump, and that Haley's Civil War comments were not so stupid. Lincoln adamantly denied that the Civil War was about slavery, until it became politically convenient a couple of years later.

    The 14.3A would apply to Trump if he were an officer of the US, he engaged in an Insurrection, he were a candidate for an office of the US, and Congress passed implementing legislation. However all of these are false. The term "officer" means officials appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate.

    The US Supreme Court has taken the case of removing Trump from the ballot, and it is sure to rule in Trump's favor.

    Here is the first Biden-Harris ad of 2024. The main point is that they want to preserve democracy by jailing political enemies. And replacing Whites. The YouTube comments are overwhelmingly against Biden. Here is the full Biden speech.

    Friday, January 05, 2024

    Black Women in Charge

    Ann Coulter writes:
    The Claudine Gay affair reminds me that we need a reckoning on how the “intersectionality” project is going.
    Gay is the recently demoted Harvard president. She was hired for being a Black woman professor. She and Penn had the USA's worst college free speech policies, and gave Congress testimony about how they approve of advocating genocide of Jews.

    The women college presidents were obviously incompetent, as they could not explain their college policies with mindlessly parroting lawyer advice.

    It turned out that Gay was also a terrible scholar, and had plagiarized much of her supposed research in Black studies.

    The idea was that after centuries of being kept down by racism and sexism — although that didn’t seem to hurt accomplished black women like Barbara Jordan, Condi Rice, Jessye Norman, Zora Neale Hurston and on and on — black women would finally be given a fair shot. Think of all that untapped talent!

    But so far, intersectionality has mostly placed a lot of black women in high-profile jobs far beyond their abilities. Or as the former Harvard president once said, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

    This will be the first in a series of columns I will issue periodically reflecting on the accomplishments of those at the top of the “intersectionality” heap. We’ll start with two heroic black lady prosecutors.

    Marilyn Mosby started the trend of fabulous black women saving America by becoming prosecutors. One of her first cases involved a notorious Baltimore heroin dealer, Freddie Gray, who sustained fatal injuries while being transported in the back of a police van. A mere 10 days later, Mosby charged all six officers involved (three black and three white) with crimes up to murder and manslaughter, after summarily blowing off the police investigation, but without having completed her own investigation first.

    For this, Mosby was instantly acclaimed as a national hero!

    Coulter's stories are amazing. Putting Black women in charge has been a colossal failure many times.

    Gay's demotion was partly driven by rich Jewish donor Bill Ackman, who now writes:

    I came to learn that the root cause of antisemitism at Harvard was an ideology that had been promulgated on campus, an oppressor/oppressed framework, that provided the intellectual bulwark behind the protests, helping to generate anti-Israel and anti-Jewish hate speech and harassment.

    Then I did more research. The more I learned, the more concerned I became, and the more ignorant I realized I had been about DEI, a powerful movement that has not only pervaded Harvard but the educational system at large. I came to understand that diversity, equity, and inclusion was not what I had naively thought these words meant. ...

    Under DEI’s ideology, any policy, program, educational system, economic system, grading system, admission policy (and even climate change, due its disparate impact on geographies and the people that live there), etc., that leads to unequal outcomes among people of different skin colors is deemed racist.

    As a result, according to DEI, capitalism is racist, Advanced Placement exams are racist, IQ tests are racist, corporations are racist—in other words, any merit-based program, system, or organization that has or generates outcomes for different races that are at variance with the proportion these different races represent in the population at large is by definition racist under DEI’s ideology.

    That would be great if Jews wise up about DEI.

    Thursday, January 04, 2024

    Biden kept some Trump Immigration Reforms

    The Atlantic magazine reports:
    The speed of Trump’s work on immigration can obscure its impact in real time. This is why Lucas Guttentag, a law professor at Stanford and Yale and a senior counselor on immigration issues in the Obama and Biden administrations, created a database with his students to log and track the more than 1,000 immigration-policy changes made during Trump’s years in office. Most remain in place. This is worth dwelling on. Trump’s time in office already represents a resurgence of old, disproven ideas about the inherent threat—physical, cultural, and economic—posed by immigrants. ...

    America’s rightward shift on immigration is part of a global story in which Western countries are, in general, turning against immigrants. But the world tends to look to the United States as a guide for what sorts of checks on immigration are socially permissible. A new Trump administration would provide a pretty clear answer: just about any.

    An anything-goes approach to immigration enforcement may indeed be what the country is left with if Trump succeeds in the next general election.

    So the Biden administration has kept most Trump policies, and yet immigration is out of control?

    Europe looks to us for guidance?

    All the more reason we need Trump.

    Wednesday, January 03, 2024

    The Coddling of the American Mind

    Professor Jon Haidt tries to explain campus antisemitism:
    The Coddling of the American Mind tells the story of how American universities lost their collective minds, beginning around 2014 when student demands for protections from speech seemed to appear out of nowhere, including calls for trigger warnings, safe spaces, bias response teams, and mandatory trainings around language use. The students were supported by some faculty members and some administrators, and their combined force pressured many university leaders to accede to their demands even though, privately, many had misgivings.2

    The new morality driving these reforms was antithetical to the traditional virtues of academic life: truthfulness, free inquiry, persuasion via reasoned argument, equal opportunity, judgment by merit, and the pursuit of excellence. A subset of students had learned this new morality in some of their courses, which trained them to view everyone as either an oppressor or a victim. Students were taught to use identity as the primary lens through which everything is to be understood, not just in their coursework but in their personal and political lives.

    Yes, he called it in 2018.

    Jews were very much in the forefront of pushing this new morality, identity politics, censorship, and leftism. They also try to convince everyone that they are victims, not oppressors.

    No one believes that Jews are victims. Everyone is tired of hearing about it. Today's college students apparently view Jews as oppressors, and apply the new morality against them. It will be interesting to see whether leftist Jews continue to push identity politics, and victimhood status.

    Tuesday, January 02, 2024

    Elon Musk Cited Race Crime Data

    I found this online erroneous comment:
    They'll teach right-wing tribalism exclusively, and reflect Elon's Darwinist philosophy that you have to be useful to be society or perish. He's been peddling false narratives against Africans pretty hard. Elon Musk claims we have to decide between wanting to evolve and not wanting to be evil. ...

    For example, Elon Musk recently posted that blacks are 37 times more likely to kill a white person than a white person is likely to kill a black person. That statistic is designed to make you think we'll have a Utopia if blacks are put into concentration camps. However it ignores the fact that there are 7.5 times more [whites than blacks] thab in the US. Therefore that 37 has to be divided by 7.5. And then when you adjust for socioeconomic factors the remaining 5x discrepancy goes away.

    No, this is wrong. Another commenter explains:
    Your politics are admirable comrade, but your math is poor. If murders were random, it would be like taking two random marbles from a bag with 100 black marbles, and 500 white marbles. In the cases where you chose one of each, it would be 50/50 black then white, or vice versa.

    Same thing with sex. Men are far more likely to kill. Victims are mostly men too, but women still far more likely to be killed by a man than vice versa.
    Can you accept that as fact? Then why not for race? People are not all the same, that would be very boring.

    After some pushback, another explains:
    Let's assume the killings are random and everyone has equal capacity for murder.

    The probability of killer being black is 2/17. The probability that he kills white person in random killing is 15/16. Hence the probability of killer being black and victim being white is (2/17)*(15/16)=11%

    The probability of killer being white is 15/17. The probability that he kills black person in random killing is 2/16. Hence the probability of killer being white and victim being black is (15/17)*(2/16)=11% - the same

    If you are seeing discrepancy between black-on-white and white-on-black rates then our assumption that murders are random and everyone has the same capacity for murder does not hold.

    That's right. If race did not matter, the incidence of Blacks killing Whites would be the same as Whites killing Blacks. It is not. Not even close.

    THere is a symmetry here. Unless Blacks and Whites have some behavioral differences, we expect the incidence of Blacks killing Whites to be the same as Blacks being killed by Whites. Mathematicians like to translate these problems into taking marbles from an urn, but then "murders" is the same as "is murdered".

    Monday, January 01, 2024

    Protestant Denominations Splitting

    Many Protestant demoninations are splitting:
    These Churches Have Split Over LGBTQ Issues—As Hundreds More United Methodist Congregations Leave The Denomination
    Breitbart reports:
    The Methodist Church of Great Britain has called on its ministers, deacons, and elders to stop using offensive terminology such as “husband” and “wife” to avoid making assumptions that are not “the reality for many people.”

    The church added the changes to its “Inclusive Language Guide,” an initiative aimed at preventing the use of “hurtful language” directed at groups the Methodist Church believes have been “marginalised and/or demonised by common culture.” The church plans to update the Inclusive Language Guide every six months to avoid using language that could offend groups it perceives as marginalized.

    The church wants its leaders to begin using terms such as “partner,” “child,” and “parent” as a way of recognizing that “relationships come in many varied expressions.”

    The guidance specifically addressed the issue of gender identity as well, saying, “using a person’s chosen pronouns is helpful as it honours their identity.” The church also cautioned followers against using “Language such as ‘brothers and sisters,’ while intended to be inclusive and friendly, doesn’t take into account our non-binary friends.”

    I do not believe that anyone is offended by these terms. It does not even make any sense. There are activists who are trying to destroy the church.