Monday, January 01, 2024

Protestant Denominations Splitting

Many Protestant demoninations are splitting:
These Churches Have Split Over LGBTQ Issues—As Hundreds More United Methodist Congregations Leave The Denomination
Breitbart reports:
The Methodist Church of Great Britain has called on its ministers, deacons, and elders to stop using offensive terminology such as “husband” and “wife” to avoid making assumptions that are not “the reality for many people.”

The church added the changes to its “Inclusive Language Guide,” an initiative aimed at preventing the use of “hurtful language” directed at groups the Methodist Church believes have been “marginalised and/or demonised by common culture.” The church plans to update the Inclusive Language Guide every six months to avoid using language that could offend groups it perceives as marginalized.

The church wants its leaders to begin using terms such as “partner,” “child,” and “parent” as a way of recognizing that “relationships come in many varied expressions.”

The guidance specifically addressed the issue of gender identity as well, saying, “using a person’s chosen pronouns is helpful as it honours their identity.” The church also cautioned followers against using “Language such as ‘brothers and sisters,’ while intended to be inclusive and friendly, doesn’t take into account our non-binary friends.”

I do not believe that anyone is offended by these terms. It does not even make any sense. There are activists who are trying to destroy the church.

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