Friday, January 19, 2024

Jordan Peterson to be Re-educated

Do you need more proof that the entire psychology profession is evil?

The College Fix reports:

Jordan Peterson must undergo a social media re-education to keep his license, a Canadian court ruled Tuesday in the latest round of a lengthy battle between the famed psychologist and the Ontario College of Psychologists.

A Canadian court rejected Peterson’s appeal and there were “no reasons provided,” Peterson wrote in an op-ed Wednesday for the National Post.
Peterson should be considered the world's best psychologist. He has millions of followers all over the world. He videos are excellent. He describes psychology research and knowledge very well. He has helped milllions with his books and lectures. Almost everyone likes him.

So what is the problem? Apparently he expressed some opinions that were not fully political correct. I don't know what, as he never says anything offensive or particularly controversial.

Update: The charge is that Peterson is undermining trust in censors!

According to the college’s decision, which was quoted in last week’s court ruling, Peterson risked “undermining public trust in the profession of psychology, and trust in the college’s ability to regulate the profession in the public interest.”

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CFT said...

They are basically saying that Mr. Peterson has to agree with their DEI language and political requirements and publicly recant his heretical positions. This is terrifying in the sense that Canada now has officially embraced the idea of imposed speech laws and thought control. When you aren't allowed to speak freely, you aren't free. Only the truly stupid think they can achieve security through the silencing of another.

Things will change fairly soon though. PM Trudeau is about at the end of his rope, the whole strength through checkbox diversity schtick has had its fifteen minutes and is coming to a close.