Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Tricking our Robot Overlords

Funny. That 1968 movie foresaw AI, but not jailbreaking an LLM.


CFT said...

Okay. That was fracking hilarious.

CFT said...

AI has a few problems discerning the difference between something that has happened, from something that might happen, from something that is happening, from what was imagined to have happened, to something that was dreamed. It has no way to discern one from the other much less determine how one might be more significant than another in a given situation...much like those suffering with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

There has been considerable discussion over how this problem of cognition might be solved, with some proposing that until an AI has an actual body, it will never be able to remotely comprehend physicality, which is how humans interact with reality, not by being a disembodied brain. This does make sense even from a human perspective as a man born without eyes will never be able discuss color, light, or sight outside of mere word manipulation, as they simply have no reference point of experience.