Monday, January 15, 2024

Four Tenets of Neo-Liberalism

Tucker Carlson says Nikki Haley is all-in on the four tenets of noo-liberalism:
  • white guilt
  • finance-based economy
  • mass immigration
  • endless neo-con wars
  • Not sure what he means by "finance-based economy". Is it sacrificing quality of life for GDP growth? Or using debt to enslave people?

    These four issues cross party lines. There are Republicans, like Haley, on the wrong side of these issues.


    CFT said...

    There are a lot of people claiming to be Republicans who don't even know what a Republican is, much less why. The correct reason for becoming a Republican is not 'because all the Democrat seats were already taken' or the very popular 'because I wanted to piss off my parents'.

    The strangest thing about most modern day liberals, is how il-liberal they usually are.

    CFT said...

    I did some poking into what I think Tucker was talking about.

    If you buy something from me, like say a painting I made, you give me an IOU (cash) and I give you a painting. This is a direct economic activity, real economics, you can see the transaction and see the direct results.

    If you buy a painting from me and I take that IOU (cash) and put it together with some other IOUs from other people and in turn lend that money out and then use complicated lending schemes that finance something people can't actually afford directly...and still can't afford, you just pretend living hand to mouth so you can barely keep up with the minimum payments that literally steal your future time you have not yet even earned money from yet... This is the finance based economy. It is composed primarily of people who aren't actually producing anything, yet profit far more than the people who actually are, largely by intentionally arranging the monetary systems to keep things in such a configuration that mostly benefits lots of interest charges and borrowing through rent seeking financial middlemen.

    I am not against investing, however, I am against predatory financing which exists for it's own sake, making almost everything artificially more expensive to encourage ever more financing.