Monday, January 22, 2024

Magazine goes Woke, then Broke

Red State reports:
Things aren't looking good for Sports Illustrated, the once-storied sports news entity. The once-storied outlet, which has become increasingly far left over the years, laid off most of its staff on Friday, putting the entire future of the brand in doubt.

They went woke, and now they've gone broke. ...

In 2020, Sports Illustrated decided to showcase a "transgender model" who embodied the "well-rounded woman" in the swimsuit edition. In 2023, the outlet went even further, putting another "transgender model" on the cover.

This is baffling. Somehow they made a deliberate business that a sports magazine would promotes pictures of men dressing in female swimsuits. Did they really think that they would gain subscribers? Is there anyone who wants to look at such pictures? My guedss is that even transgender people do not want such pictures.

Maybe the magazine wanted to commit suicide.

No, I cannot believe that anyone thought that it was a good business decision. I conclude that the transgender movement is now so powerful that it can destroy a magazine to promote its goals.


MikeAdamson said...

On the other hand, SI has been at the forefront of replacing human writers with AI. Why anyone would want to read AI authored pieces is beyond me. Idiots.

CFT said...

If you don't know who your customers are,
you are incredibly poor at doing your business, both figuratively and literally.