Wednesday, January 17, 2024

The Trump Economy was Better

Roger Lowenstein writes in a NY Times op-ed
The typical household’s living standard improved during the three Trump years before the pandemic. Under President Biden, Americans have (at best) struggled to keep even with inflation.

Mr. Trump’s huge personal negatives — his mean-spirited personality, his toadying to dictators and shunning of American allies and his unpardonable effort to steal an election — should more than offset his economic record.

Wow, that last sentence is delusional. Biden is the most mean-spirited President since Wilson. Trump did not prosecute his political enemies. Biden toadies to China, not Trump. Biden's foreign policy has been a disaster, especially in Afghanistan, Ukraine, Israel, and elsewhere. Biden is the one who stole an election, not Trump.

Trump is so much better than Biden in every respect, that there is no need to explain Trump votes. Biden's job approval is down to 33%.

The news media complain endlessly about Trump. Mostly about his personality, or weird theories about what he was thinking or what he might do. But ultimately it is a contest between the Trump record and the Biden record. And the Trump presidency was a lot better. I do not even see anyone trying to argue otherwise.

That does not mean we should shrink from honestly assessing performance, including economic performance, under Mr. Trump as well as under Mr. Biden. Mr. Trump is so off-putting, many find it hard to evaluate him rationally, as we would anyone else. But it is right to do so, and we learn from having our eyes wide, not shut. And — something Democrats should have learned by now — condescending to Trump voters will not win many of them over.
Off-putting? Biden and the Democrat Party is firmly aligned with those trying to exterminate White people. He is letting millions of non-white illegals into the USA, and blaming Whites for everything.

Update: I see MSNBC has a policy of not showing any video clips of Trump. Censoring him to preserve Democracy, I guess. So when Trump made a statement about the Iowa win, they only showed leftist spin on it.


CFT said...

If anyone thinks high inflation, rampant crime, unregulated mass migration, government interference in social media, government censorship of the press, unconstitutional election practices, imprisonment without due process or legal representation, abandonment of American personnel in hostile enemy territory, and a President who can't find his way off stage to save his life without his wife herding him around like a autistic two year old... is an indication of a successful administration, Then boy do I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you...several times.

MikeAdamson said...

It's interesting how different individuals can examine the same situation and reach vastly different conclusions. I always believed that some were lying or shading facts but it is impossible not to recognize delusional individuals when they are seen.

CFT said...


I dare you.
Enlighten us unwashed savages.

All you have to do is list Biden's great accomplishments, starting with his highly successful withdrawal from Afghanistan if you please. I'm all ears about what you consider delusional, or shading facts... considering the Department of Justice under Biden's control has now admitted that one of those delusions 'the missing laptop containing evidence of Biden's corruption... as well as Hunter's bad crack habit and poor taste' was in their possession since 2019. The DOJ knew all along, and just sat on it. There also is the nasty fact that a majority of Americans including Independents and Democrats now believe Biden is probably more than 'smidgen' corrupt (as Obama put it), and the previous election was most likely stolen.

Words actually mean things. A delusion depends upon the belief being demonstrated false. Since the 'delusion' as you call it turned out to be true... I only have one other question:

What kind of copium have you been smoking? Did Trudeau give you some of his?