Wednesday, January 03, 2024

The Coddling of the American Mind

Professor Jon Haidt tries to explain campus antisemitism:
The Coddling of the American Mind tells the story of how American universities lost their collective minds, beginning around 2014 when student demands for protections from speech seemed to appear out of nowhere, including calls for trigger warnings, safe spaces, bias response teams, and mandatory trainings around language use. The students were supported by some faculty members and some administrators, and their combined force pressured many university leaders to accede to their demands even though, privately, many had misgivings.2

The new morality driving these reforms was antithetical to the traditional virtues of academic life: truthfulness, free inquiry, persuasion via reasoned argument, equal opportunity, judgment by merit, and the pursuit of excellence. A subset of students had learned this new morality in some of their courses, which trained them to view everyone as either an oppressor or a victim. Students were taught to use identity as the primary lens through which everything is to be understood, not just in their coursework but in their personal and political lives.

Yes, he called it in 2018.

Jews were very much in the forefront of pushing this new morality, identity politics, censorship, and leftism. They also try to convince everyone that they are victims, not oppressors.

No one believes that Jews are victims. Everyone is tired of hearing about it. Today's college students apparently view Jews as oppressors, and apply the new morality against them. It will be interesting to see whether leftist Jews continue to push identity politics, and victimhood status.

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CFT said...

When one promotes their own victimhood as a virtue, there is another word for it: