Sunday, January 21, 2024

Facebook invests in Open Source AI

The NY Post reports:
Artificial intelligence experts are raising alarms after Mark Zuckerberg said Meta plans to make advanced AI tools “widely available” to the public — despite warnings they could eventually pose a threat to humanity. ... ...

“The thought of open source AGI being released before we have worked out how to regulate these very powerful AI systems is really very scary,” Hall said. “In the wrong hands technology like this could do a great deal of harm. It is so irresponsible for a company to suggest it.”

Yes, nwe technologies are scary to those controlling the old technologies.

The AI large language models (AI LLM) are changing the world like the invention of the printing press. They are putting knowledge in the hands of hte masses, like the internet, indexed search, and Wikipedia.

Meta/Facebook will still have an edge, as it is investing billions of dollars in AI computers.

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