Monday, February 28, 2022

What Distinguishes Us from Putin

Most of the USA political leadership, and most of the news media, has gone anti-Putin.

Breitbart reports:

“LGBT+ rights” are the most important “values and hard won freedoms” distinguishing “us” from Russian President Vladimir Putin, Richard Moore, chief of MI6, the UK’s Secret Intelligence Service, wrote on Friday.

Moore did not specify if his use of “us” was a reference to the United Kingdom, the Anglosphere, or the broader West.

He expressed his sentiments via Twitter, relating his remarks to ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. He included an acronym from “LGBT+ History Month,” with “LGBT+” for “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans +.”

He wrote, “With the tragedy and destruction unfolding so distressingly in Ukraine, we should remember the values and hard won freedoms that distinguish us from Putin, none more than LGBT+ rights. So let’s resume our series of tweets to mark #LGBTHM2022.”

Moore highlighted an “LGBT+ support group” within MI6 to illustrate his emphasis of “LGBT+ rights” as the primary philosophy distinguishing “us from Putin.”

Pkay, that clears that up.

I believe that homosexuals have full civil rights in Russa. The gripe is that it does not have Pride parades with drag queens.

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Trayvon Led to BLM Protests

A recent NY Times promotional video brags:
Imagine Harry Potter Without Its Creator
I guess it is saying that JK Rowling should be canceled for saying women are women.

New NY Times video:

President Obama: Trayvon Martin Made America Confront Its Original Sin | NYT Opinion
The New York Times

Ten years ago, Trayvon Martin was fatally shot by George Zimmerman, who perceived the unarmed teenager as a threat. He would later be acquitted of all charges in the killing, arguing successfully that he had acted in self defense. These events reignited the conversation about race and justice in America. "The contemporary civil rights movement unfolded directly in response to the murder of Trayvon Martin,” says Henry Louis Gates Jr. in a new Opinion video. Former President Barack Obama argues that Trayvon's death "was the start of America looking inward and in fits and starts coming to terms with what has always been our original sin."

Gates calls it "murder", and others say Martin was innocent.

It includes deceptively edited audio of the 911 call, and race baiting by Barack Obama and Al Sharpton. Another says:

I don't know what this child could have done to be safe, except not be Black. [1:48]
Another said he just bought a snack and went home.

At 1:15, the video mentions Michael Brown, George Floyd, and others as victims of racist murders.

I watched the Trayvon trial, and he was not just returning home. He did not live there. He was on drugs, and suspiciously cutting thru private property. He snuck up on Zimmerman, tackled him, and was brutally pounding his head into the pavement. Witnesses recorded Zimmerman desperately calling for help 15 times or so, while being beaten up. They called 911, but did not intervene. Eventually there was a struggle for the gun, and Zimmerman managed to pull the trigger.

A unanimous jury agreed that it was self-defense.

Michael Brown was also a vicious killer who was shot by his victim in self-defense.

I don't want to blame a whole race for a minority of criminals. That is not the point here. My issue is the NY Times saying:

Trayvon Martin Is Still Making President Obama: Trayvon Martin Made America Confront Its Original Sin
What is the meaning of this? Zimmerman was not White. No evidence of any racism was presented at the trial. America's original sin seems to be a reference to the slave trade, 300 years ago. Nobody is confronting that.

Apparently Obama, the NY Times, and the whole BLM movement are trying to say that it should be acceptable for Martin to do what he did.

It is not. No civilized society can tolerate thugs like Martin. He deserved to die. Anyone who defends him is a horrible person. Any movement inspired by him should be stopped.

Here is a current story:

MIDVALE, Utah (ABC4) – A man is in custody after he told his 4-year-old child to shoot at police while at a Midvale McDonalds Monday afternoon.

Police say Sadaat Johnson, 27, of Salt Lake City, had both his 4-year-old child and 3-year-old child in the backseat of his car when the incident happened.

According to police, around 1:30 p.m., the father got upset when the order he had placed in the drive-thru line was wrong. In response to the incorrect order, the man brandished a gun.

Police arrived on the scene shortly after employees reported the incident and after they asked the man to pull to the front of the restaurant.

Officers say the man was non-compliant after they issued several commands asking the man to get out of his car. Rocket fuel experiment explodes in BYU dorm room

Officers then opened the car door and pulled the man from the car. As they were getting the man in custody, an officer turned back toward the car and saw a gun pointing out of the back window.

The officer swiped the gun to the side as it was fired and realized the person who fired the gun was a child.

Police say the child that fired the gun was 4-years-old.

Witnesses at the scene say they overheard the father tell the child to shoot.

This is what law enforcement has to deal with. The article does not say the race of the man. He could be White, I guess.

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Canada to Outlaw Bad Thoughts

The hate crime laws are having trouble finding hate crimes, so Canada is expanding them to include suspicions about future hate speech:
A new bill proposed by woke Canadian legislators allows for pre-emptory lawsuits to be filed on the suspicion that someone will someday engage in hate speech, the Citizen Free Press reported.

The long-dead ‘innocent until proven guilty’ standard has now been replaced by ‘guilty until proven innocent.’

According to Bill C-36, all that is required to pursue legal action against potentially hateful opponents is “reasonable grounds,” which, as evidenced over the decades, courts tend to read very broadly.

It says that “a person may, with the Attorney General’s consent, lay an information before a provincial court judge if the person fears on reasonable grounds that another person will commit (a) an offence under section 318 advocating genocide or subsection 319” inciting hate or promoting hatred.

The bill was written to specifically target those who have been deemed to have ‘privilege,’ and would discriminate against protected classes.

It covers “an offence motivated by bias, prejudice or hate based on race, national or ethnic origin, language, color, religion, sex, age, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other similar factor.”

Friday, February 25, 2022

War in Ukraine

Russian leader Putin said he wanted one thing: to keep Ukraine out of NATO.

Admitting Ukraine to NATO would mean putting soldiers on Russia's border, and USA and Europe promising to defend Ukraine if invaded. Pres. Biden says that we may admit Ukraine, but we will not defend it with troops until it is admitted.

This is essentially the same as telling Russia to invade Ukraine now, instead of later.

Ukraine is a failed state, and may be better off as part of Russia. USA foreign policy is unbelievably bad. I blame Biden for this war.

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Bertrand Russell's political views

Bertrand Russell was a great XX-century intellectual, and he got the 1950 Nobel Prize in Literature for his anti-Christian books, notably the 1929 book Marriage and Morals. He advocated eugenics and racial theories:
In extreme cases, there can be little doubt of the superiority of one race to another. North America, Australia, and New Zealand certainly contribute more to the civilization of the world than they would do if they were still peopled by aborigines.

It seems on the whole fair to regard Negroes as on the average inferior to white men, although for work in the tropics they are indispensable, so that their extermination (apart from the question of humanity) would be highly undesirable.

He would later retract this:
Russell would later write "I never held Negroes to be inherently inferior. The statement in Marriage and Morals refers to environment conditioning. I have had it withdrawn from subsequent editions because it is clearly ambiguous."
I am glad to see someone revise his opinion in the light of new evidence, but it is not clear how his opinions were based on evidence.

I just note now intellectual opinions have changed. His opinions about eugenics and racial superiority were considered progressive and respectable, from 1929 to 1950. Anyone saying such things today would be blackballed from all prizes.

Fred Hoyle was one of the great astrophysicists of the XX century, and would have gotten a Nobel Prize, but was blackballed for his eccentric views. So yes, prize committees will reject someone for views that are out of favor.

Russell was widely praised for being an advocate of Free Thought, but he also tells how he rejected Christianity and free will as a teenager. He also wrote an essay denying the law of causality.

For a great logical thinker, he sure held a lot of contradictory opinions.

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Seattle Repeals Bike Helmet Law

Daniel Kriegman, a psychologist and former friend of Harvey Weinstein, writes in Quillette:
In 1986, an article by Robert Longo in Psychology Today stated (without reference to any supportive data or scientific research) that “Most untreated sex offenders go on to commit more offenses, indeed as many as 80 percent do.” That article was then referenced in a manual published by the US Department of Justice. And, on the basis of that manual, Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote in a 2002 SCOTUS decision that sex criminals pose “a frightening and high risk of recidivism” and that “the rate of recidivism of untreated offenders has been estimated to be as high as 80 percent.” Justice Kennedy repeated the “frightening and high” claim in a subsequent decision the following year.
He goes on to explain that this is completely false, and that the sex offender recidivism rate is lower than for most other crimes.

I am not sure about his analysis of Weinstein, but we need legal policies that reflect the realities of the crimes.

Seattle is repealing a law, just because Blacks disobey it:

In the face of data showing enforcement has been both minimal and has disproportionately affected people of color and those experiencing homelessness, the King County Board of Health voted Thursday to repeal its decades-old mandatory helmet law for bicycle riders. The repeal goes into effect in 30 days.
Here, "people of color" is a euphemism for Blacks. Coloed Asian-Americans have been obeying the helmet law.

The helmet law is a stupid and unnecessary nanny state law, but this is a stupid reason to repeal it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Sam Harris Talks to a Panel of Trump Haters

Latest Sam Harris podcast:
The Future of American Democracy

In this episode of the podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Anne Applebaum, David Frum, Barton Gellman, and George Packer about the ongoing threat to American democracy posed by Republican misinformation and disinformation regarding the 2020 Presidential Election and the attack on the Capitol on January 6th, 2021.

This is all a code phrase for anti-Trump rants from Trump-haters.

The funny thing about it is that, even tho Harris assembled a very distinguished panel, their criticisms were insubstantial. They accused Trump of breaking laws, but admitted that his violations were all trivial and inconsequential. They accused him of being authoritarian, but said that he never used his Presidential power to do what he might have done. They had no significant complaints about his results.

What they did do was to gripe about his style and rhetoric. They were like a bunch of rabbis complaining that a newcomer was not behaving according to their unwritten congregation rules, and not taking their hints to change.

Sometimes I think that Harris is a closet Trump supporter, as makes such silly arguments. At one point Harris made a big pitch for free speech on social media like Facebook and Twitter, and that Trump is the only one who should be banned.

Their main points about Democracy were: (1) Trump has undermined democracy by claiming the 2020 election was stolen; (2) Republican efforts to reform election law may cause distrust in the 2022 and 2024 elections, because of the suggestion that election law needs to be fixed; and (3) Democrats need to reform election law in order to make our elections democratic.

Any pretense to neutrality was gone at this point. They just want election laws to favor their partisan political preferences.

If they really wanted democracy, they would favor elections where all votes are cast, counted, and witnessed on election day. None of the panelists favored that.

Our legal system has gone anti-White, as shown by the conviction of Kim Potter:

Kim Potter, the former police officer convicted in the death of Daunte Wright during a traffic stop in April 2021, was sentenced to 16 months in prison on Friday.

Judge Regina Chu handed down a sentence of 24 months, with 16 months served in prison. The rest of the sentence will be served under supervised release. Potter must also pay a $1,000 fine.

In December, a jury found Potter, who worked for the Brooklyn Center Police Department in Minnesota, guilty of first- and second-degree manslaughter.

During the trial, Potter's team alleged Wright was responsible for his own death. To refresh your memory: Authorities said they pulled Wright over for using an illegal air freshener and then discovered he had an outstanding warrant. Wright tried to drive off as the officers attempted to arrest him, at which point Potter shot and killed him. She testified that she mistakenly drew her gun instead of her Taser.

Defense attorney Earl Gray told the court that Wright "caused his own death." But the jury didn’t buy it.

Potter did not violate the law, as Alan Dershowitz explains. She is going to prison because she is White, and because a violent Black criminal resisted a lawful arrest.

Monday, February 21, 2022

John Oliver pushes Anti-White Propaganda

John Oliver is back with a video on indoctrinating American students with Critical Race Theory.

It is supposed to be comedy, but he mainly gets laughs from a audience trained to laugh whenever he says F*CK, which he says in every third sentence.

He keeps saying "we" as if he were an American, but he says it in a low-class British accent. He is married to an American, and has been in American broadcast long enough to learn an American accent, if he had any talent.

He complains about people quoting MLK on not judging people by the color of their skin. Oliver wants schools to judge by skin color.

He complains about rumors of students using the N-word, but then argues that it is only bad for White people to use it.

He complains that someone once made an argument at a public school board meeting, even tho he did not have a child attending the school.

He says that America must be racist, because some people questioned Barack Obama's citizenship and religion in 2008. (A third of Blacks don't know his religion either -- are they therefore racist? Well, yes, they probably are.)

He complains that many CRT critics say that the theory is incoherent. (Yes, it can be incoherent, and reasonable to be against it.)

He complains that CRT get lumped together with other anti-white ideologies.

Mainly he advocates laws enabling public schools to teach that Whites are evil and racist.

He is a good example of how TV comedy has become Woke propaganda, and is not funny anymore.

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Latest Ivermectin Study is Inconclusive

CNN reports:
The antiparasitic drug ivermectin doesn't prevent severe disease from Covid-19 any more effectively than symptom management and close observation by medical professionals, according to a study published Friday in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine.

The study enrolled nearly 500 people 50 and older who were at risk of severe Covid-19 because of their age and underlying health. These patients were treated at 20 public hospitals and a quarantine center in Malaysia in 2021. ...

It was a randomized-controlled trial, the gold standard of medical research, in which researchers test an intervention against a placebo.

Convinced? Here is the actual study:
Question Does adding ivermectin, an inexpensive and widely available antiparasitic drug, to the standard of care reduce the risk of severe disease in patients with COVID-19 and comorbidities? ...

Conclusions and Relevance In this randomized clinical trial of high-risk patients with mild to moderate COVID-19, ivermectin treatment during early illness did not prevent progression to severe disease. The study findings do not support the use of ivermectin for patients with COVID-19.

No, this was not a double-blind study, so it was not "gold standard".

Treatments averaged 5.1 days after exposure, so these were late treatments.

Of the 241 patients getting ivermectin, 3 died. 10 of the 249 patient control group died. This significance was 91%, less than the 95% required for the journal to call it statistically significant.

Okay, but ivermectin might have saved 6 out of 10 lives. Sounds like a big potential benefit to me.

This is what is called a null result. No statistically significant conclusions. It does not tell anything about whether to use the drug. Note the carefully worded conclusion, "study findings do not support". That is a tricky way of saying that it tells us nothing.

I take that back. It does tell us something. It is not a miracle drug, and not a killer either. But are you better off getting it if you are hospitalized for covid? It does not tell us.

Here are more studies on ivermectin.

Saturday, February 19, 2022

No Free Speech in Finland

Jonathan Turley reports:
Finland may be viewed as “the happiest place to live” but not if you value free speech. A major free speech case is brewing in the country after Member of Parliament (and former Interior Minister) Päivi Räsänen was criminally charged after tweeting a quotation from the Bible in opposition to her church’s sponsorship of an LGBT pride event. Räsänen, 61, is reportedly facing up to two years in prison for exercising her rights of free speech and freedom of religion.

On June 17, 2019, Räsänen asked in a Twitter post how the sponsorship was compatible with the Bible, linking to a photograph of a biblical passage, Romans 1:24-27, on Instagram. She also posted the text and image on Facebook. However, she also insisted that “The purpose [of] my tweet was in no way to insult sexual minorities. My criticism was aimed at the leadership of the church.”

The Prosecutor General charged Räsänen with incitement against a minority group, arguing that her statements were “likely to cause intolerance, contempt, and hatred towards homosexuals.”

She should have a right to insult.

I do not even agree it is insulting. Ask yourself, if this opinion is insulting, then is the opposite opinion also insulting? Obviously yes. So why is one opinion punished but not the other? Because of the political power of those being supposedly insulted.

Friday, February 18, 2022

Punished for having an Opinion on Immigration

I mentioned Amy Wax, and now her academic freedom is ending.

NBC News reports:

The dean of the University of Pennsylvania Carey School of Law said he would seek sanctions against tenured law professor Amy Wax over discriminatory remarks she made about the Asian American community.

Wax said early this month that the U.S. is “better off with fewer Asians and less Asian immigration.” Dean Ted Ruger said in a statement Tuesday that he had received multiple complaints since 2017 citing Wax’s behavior as disruptive to students and the school community.

Either we have policies that lead to more Asian immigration, or less. If she advocated more immigration, Penn would be rewarding her.
“The complaints assert that it is impossible for students to take classes from her without a reasonable belief that they are being treated with discriminatory animus.”
I guess the dean is saying that BIPOCs are too stupid to understand what Wax said.

A Gallup poll reports:

58 percent of all Americans are dissatisfied with current immigration levels.
Thinking that we would be better off with less Asian immigration is a mainstream view. Probably most Americans agree. Why can't a university dean tolerate that opinion?

Another Gallup poll says:

The percentage of U.S. adults who self-identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or something other than heterosexual has increased to a new high of 7.1%, which is double the percentage from 2012, when Gallup first measured it. …

Roughly 21% of Generation Z Americans who have reached adulthood — those born between 1997 and 2003 — identify as LGBT.

Apparently the big increase is in those claiming to be bisexual. My guess is that they aren't really bisexual, but say that in order to appear liberal and broad-minded. They are like those liberals who claim to be not racist, but live in an all-white neighborhood.

Update: Also punished for having an opinion on immigration is Michelle Malkin, who got blackballed from Airbnb. And Ann Coulter points out that VDARE got kicked out out of Colorado Springs for similar opinions. A lawsuit got dismissed. The legal rationale had to do with Civil War statues in Charlottesville.

Thursday, February 17, 2022

New Studies say Blacks are Noncompliant

The NY Times reports:
Medical records contain a plethora of information, from a patient’s diagnoses and treatments to marital status to drinking and exercise habits.

They also note whether a patient has followed medical advice. A health provider may add a line stating that the patient is “noncompliant” or “non-adherent,” signaling that the patient has been uncooperative and may exhibit problematic behaviors.

Two large new studies found that such terms, while not commonly used, are much more likely to appear in the medical records of Black patients than in those of other races. ...

“It’s not so much whether you should never use these words, but why are we applying these words with so much more frequency to Black patients?” said Michael Sun, the lead author of the study and a third-year medical school student at the University of Chicago’s Pritzker School of Medicine. “Do we really believe Black patients are truly not compliant, so many more times than white patients?” ...

Looking at some 8,700 notes about patients with diabetes, 6,100 notes about patients with substance use disorder and 5,100 notes about those with chronic pain, the researchers found that patients with diabetes — most of whom had type 2 diabetes, which is often associated with excess weight and called a “lifestyle” disease — were the most likely to be described in negative ways. Nearly 7 percent of patients with diabetes were said to be noncompliant with a treatment regimen, or to have “uncontrolled” disease, or to have “failed.”

A note might say that a patient “refused diabetic diet,” for example, or was “noncompliant with insulin regimen.” The more severe the disease, the more likely the patient was to have notes with negative descriptors.

So Blacks are fat and lazy and refuse to follow medical advice. Or they just appear that way because of systemic racism. Stay tuned for further research.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Whites are a Minority in the Schools

Axios reports:
79% of U.S. public school teachers identified as white, non-Hispanic

NCES student data from 2018-2019: 47% of all public elementary and secondary school students in the U.S. were white, 27% were Latino, 15% were Black and 5% were Asian American.

This is the future.

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

France says Mother can be a Man

A court of appeal in the southern French city of Toulouse has just ruled that a woman who was born male should be considered the mother of the child she conceived with her partner before her sex change.

In what is a first for France's judiciary, a court of appeal recognised the right of a male-to-female transgender person - who conceived a child with her male reproductive system - to be named as the mother on the child's birth certificate.

I don't know why this is news. I happen to know a California man who is listed on the birth certificate as the mother of his 8-year-old child. No other parent is listed.

It is the logical consequence of anti-discrimination policies. California considers it discriminatory to say a child has two parents, or that one must be a man and one a woman, or that the mother has to be a woman.

California does insist that each child has at least one human parent.

Monday, February 14, 2022

Economist wants Migrants in USA, not in Israel

EconTalk podcast:
Can Israeli society survive the loss of universal military service? Will the deregulation of Israel's kosher supervision spell the end of its Jewish character? And, speaking of Israel, what is it that makes its television dramas so good? Tyler Cowen discusses these and other subjects with EconTalk host Russ Roberts, new immigrant to Israel and unabashed fan of the Prisoners of War miniseries and Homer's Odyssey.
Along the way, Roberts says that he is a big fan of open borders, except for Israel. He wants Israel to be a Jewish state.

His only explanation is that he says that Jews are being killed for being Jews, in the USA.

The argument that Jews are being killed is usually based on the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting and Poway synagogue shooting. Both shooters were Trump-haters. The latter only killed one Jew. The former announced his motives as “HIAS [Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society] likes to bring invaders in that kill our people. I can't sit by and watch my people get slaughtered. Screw your optics, I'm going in."

Okay, but it is not plausible that Roberts moved to Jerusalem to get away from anti-Jewish terrorism. More likely, he moved to get away from all the damage caused by him and his fellow open borders advocates bringing the Third World to the USA.

I am not accusing Roberts of being a hypocrite. I think that he is just pursuing perceived Jewish interests. I just point this out as an example of how Jews can have their own reasons for their leftist political opinions.

Jews are the most privileged ethnic group in America. They are also the leaders of many Leftist causes, from Communism to open borders. There is very little anti-Jewish sentiment, and what there is, it is almost entirely based their Leftist, pro-war, and Zionist political opinions.

Breitbart reports on denial of the crime.immigration link:

Italian Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese has denied that migration had a role during the Milan News Year’s Eve sex attacks, despite several suspects being migrants, while others are second-generation immigrants.

Interior Minister Lamorgese spoke about the New Year’s Eve attacks this week, remarking that it was wrong to link migration and violence. She said: “Those who have used violence are boys, second-generation citizens, Italians even by birth so I would not combine the immigration discourse with violence, which unfortunately also occurs on the part of Italian citizens.”

I think they mean first-generation citizens.

So yes, the crime is not all immigrants. A lot of it is the children of immigrants.

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Christian Nationalism versus Wokism

Our increasingly polarized society is divided by Right/Left, Red/Blue, Republican/Democrat, Trump/Biden, etc. Some argue that the real division is Christian Nationalism versus Wokism.

An anti-religion society makes this argument in the video, Andrew Seidel: Christian Nationalism on January 6, supported by Christian nationalism key force behind Jan. 6 Capitol attack, asserts new report

“Survey after survey finds that close to half of Americans are at the very least supportive of the fusion of Christianity with American civic life,” Whitehead and Perry write. ...

“There seems to be a reluctance among many in the media to acknowledge the huge part that Christian nationalism played in the events of Jan. 6,” says FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor. “This report is a go-to guide for a full understanding.”

“The ideology of Christian nationalism, which has become deeply entrenched in American society over centuries, will take generations to dismantle,” says Tyler.

I am dubious about some of this analysis. This is from a bunch of religion-haters who blame everything on religion, but they say the chief leader of Christian Nationalism is Donald Trump, and he is not even particularly religious.

On the other side, Wokism has emerged as a new religion, coupled with a whole set of political opinions.

Assuming this is all correct, and we are reasonably democratic, then both factions are battling for the future of America. Choose one. Other political choices are meaningless.

Wokism is evil. It uses identity politics to create hatred. Nothing good has come of it.

I am not sure what Christian Nationalism is, but it seems to include Europe for the last millennium, and the USA for the last three centuries. In other words, modern civilization as we know it. I will choose that over Wokism.

For recent examples of the evils of wokism, a bitter ex-wife, lunatic judge, and LGBTQ psychiatrists teamed up to have a man's son castrated. University of Chicago students get murdered, and campus leftist groups side with the murderers. Blqck diversity consultants have so much money that one group took the month off to sip champagne out of her bathtub, as the NY Times reported.

The tyranny, intolerance, and vindictiveness of the woke is startling. Liberals used to brag about being tolerant. No more. They are out for blood.

CNN reported:

Jacob Chansley, the so-called "QAnon Shaman," was sentenced to 41 months in prison for his role in the US Capitol riot.

The Justice Department had asked for Chansley to receive a harsh sentence as a way to set an example among the January 6 rioters, and prosecutors have positioned Chansley as emblematic of a barbaric crowd.

I guess they consider him to be on the side of Christian Nationalism, even if he does not know what it is.

The above video complains about trivialities, such as Pres. Trump once crossing the street from the White House for a photo op at a church. Why was this so upsetting to the Left? Surely the President should be able to have a photo op anywhere he wants.

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Nagging Progressive Whites to be more Racist

Savala Nolan writes in Time magazine:
I know a lot of white people. A lifetime of private schools, three years at an elite law school, a job in academia, a house in the suburbs, my own family — I’m surrounded. The vast majority of them are progressive and, as of the last couple years, eager to be allies. They were sickened by George Floyd’s murder. ...

I think of whiteness primarily as a collection of habits and behaviors premised on the assumption that you don’t have to deal with race, and if you choose to deal with it at all, you can do it on whatever terms suit you (in a given moment and over the course of your life).

Her complaint is that her progressive white friends are race-neutral. She wants them to go around badgering their fellow whites on how whites should pay slavery reparations to blacks, or whatever else in on her white-hating racist agenda.

These articles just convince me that diversity is not a worthwhile objective. I do not want to mix with people who hate me for what I am.

Friday, February 11, 2022

Judge Orders Teenager to be Castrated

Abigail Shrier reports on a disturbing family court case:
Before she decided to strip him of all custody over his son, Drew*—before determining that he would have no say in whether Drew began medical gender transition—California Superior Court Judge Joni Hiramoto asked Ted Hudacko this: “If your son [Drew] were medically psychotic and believed himself to be the Queen of England, would you love him?”

“Of course I would,” the senior software engineer at Apple replied, according to the court transcript. “I’d also try to get him help.”

“I understand that qualifier,” Judge Hiramoto replied. “But if it were — if you were told by [Drew’s] psychiatrist, psychologist that [Drew] was very fragile and that confronting him — or, I’m sorry, confronting them with the idea that they are not the Queen of England is very harmful to their mental health, could you go along and say, ‘OK, [Drew], you are the Queen of England and I love you; you are my child and I want you to do great and please continue to see your psychologist.’ Could you do that?”

“Yes,” Hudacko said. “That sounds like part of a process that might take some time, sure.”

“What process?” Judge Hiramoto said. “What is the thing that might take some time? Accepting the idea that [Drew] occupies an identity that you believe is not true?”

“The identity you just mentioned to me was the Queen of England,” Ted began. “I can tell him and I can affirm that to him, to reassuring him situationally; but objectively, he is not the Queen of England and that won’t change, and even the therapist in that case would know that.”

The then-54-year-old father of two teenage minor sons (Drew is the elder) felt that he was walking into a trap. ...

On June 24, 2020, following her discussion with Ted about the Queen of England hypothetical, Judge Joni Hiramoto granted Christine sole legal custody of Drew on a temporary basis ... Within just a few months, the court would definitively end Ted’s parental relationship. ...

This is gender ideology — the belief, not backed by any meaningful empirical evidence, that we all have an ineffable gender identity, knowable only to us. This identity has no observable markers, and it is immutable (until the moment we change our minds and reveal ourselves as “gender fluid,” of course). It is promoted by virtually every practitioner of “gender-affirming care,” it is unfalsifiable, and its hold on our legal system is gaining ground.

The situation is much worse.

A few years ago this would have all been as crazy as a medieval court convicting a witch for witchcraft.

In America today, unless a parent has sole legal custody, family courts have the authority to intervene and order this sort of destruction. If the judge needs factual support, she can appoint a psychologist or lawyer advocate. Those professions are completely corrupt, and will do what the judge wants.

Here, the dad was trapped into saying that he would accept a psychologist's hypothetical advice not to confront his son about a false belief that he is the Queen of England. The dad's true opinion was probably that any such psychologist would be fired as a crackpot.

Update: Here is the Daily Mail article. It makes a point of saying the judge was biased and/or conflicted. Yes, that is true, but not the main problem. Judges should not have this power. The problem is with the law and procedures. See also the Daily Stormer article.

Update: The Shrier article is also published here.

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Examples of Neanderthal Thinking

SciAm reports:
Last March, as Texas and Mississippi lifted their coronavirus pandemic mask mandates against the advice of health officials, President Joe Biden accused the governors of those states of “Neandertal thinking.” ...

Yet numerous studies underscore the similarities between Neandertals and us. Finds at Neandertal sites across Eurasia show that they had innovative technology, complex foraging strategies and nascent symbolic traditions. ...

It is very unlikely moderns independently evolved these Neandertal-like traits. Rather there was probably a lot of variation in Neandertal morphology, and in later times some interbreeding occurred between them and our modern European ancestors. The “unique” traits were passed on as part of these interbreeding events. ...

Mounting evidence from sites across Europe is forcing scientists to rethink their conception of these long-disparaged members of the human family. The Krapina Neandertals are an important part of this shift. We suspect that future discoveries at Krapina and beyond will further narrow the list of behavioral and anatomical traits that supposedly set Neandertals apart from moderns. They were not the same as us. But we have far more in common with them than not.

I am not sure who is more bigoted, Biden or Scientific American.

The states lifting the mask mandates were much more sensible.

Why do SciAm, and other anthropologists, keep insisting that Neanderthals were not the same as us. DNA research has proved that they were ancestors to all Europeans and Asians. This article was written by a Kansan and a Croatian, not an African.

Biden said "Neanderthal Thinking", not "Neandertal Thinking". Listen for yourself.

The accumulating evidence shows that Neanderthals were the more advanced ones, when they interbred with Africans about 30k years ago. The Neanderthal-African hybrids also showed advanced traits, but they seem to have gotten them from Neanderthals.

Neanderthals did not just interbreed with our modern European ancestors. Neanderthals are our modern European ancestors. It would be more accurate to say that Africans interbred with our Neanderthal European ancestors.

Also showing anti-White bigotry is the new Showtime movie, everything's gonna be all white (2022). The preview is swamped with 1000s of negative comments. The negative comments have more likes that the preview itself. Apparently it is a whole movie about how POCs (ie, colored people) hate White folks. Based on the preview, perhaps someone should find a place for those POCs to live, far away from Whites.

Wednesday, February 09, 2022

NFL gets a lot of Female Complaints

The NFL is a men's football business, but somehow women think that they should control the action.

The NY Times has a long article with female gripes:

Promised a New Culture, Women Say the N.F.L. Instead Pushed Them Aside ...

Exactly what happened between the woman, who was involved in the production of the show, and the man, Mark Quenzel, the N.F.L.’s senior vice president and head of content, remains in dispute, and the league insists he did not push her. ...

Some of the women interviewed by The Times spoke on condition of anonymity because they said they were bound by nondisclosure agreements or feared that their careers would be sabotaged if they went public. ...

Locklear said that during the meeting, the male employee, Aaron Jones, who worked in the Culver City, Calif., office, argued that Rice’s fiancée shared culpability by egging on Rice [in 2014]. Jones replayed the video to the group, Locklear said, pointing to key moments that he said supported his claim. ...

As a result, the number of women at the vice president rank or higher grew to 31 in 2015, from 21 the year before, while the number of people of color at that level rose to 21, from 14, over the same period. ...

Another Black woman who worked at the N.F.L. for five years said that the league was mostly concerned about making money and maintaining its “overall whiteness,” and that women were never prioritized when decisions were made.

Why is any of this news? The 2014 incident was on a player's private time, did not result in a criminal conviction, and the supposed victim married the player. Why is it any of anyone's business? Why would anyone bring it up today?

The women who violated their nondisclosure agreements are dishonest.

All I get out of this is that the NY Times hates pro football, and publishes a hit piece before the Super Bowl.

Tuesday, February 08, 2022

Ways the 2020 Election was Stolen

The Gateway Pundit reports:
The Mainstream Media continues to promote the lie that the 2020 Presidential Election was the most secure election ever. This was clearly not the case. Here are ten examples from the 2020 Presidential Election showing it was stolen. ...

1. Before the 2020 Election Drop Boxes were inserted into the election process in multiple states in reaction to COVID. These were unconstitutional. ...

2. Absentee ballots for any reason were unconstitutionally allowed in multiple states.

A Pennsylvania court just ruled that its absentee ballots were unconstitutional.

The list does not mention all the dark money that favored the Democrats, or the controlled news media that blocked stories on vaccine trials and Biden family corruption.

Update: Also not mentioned was NY Times prize-winning reporting with bogus stories like this:

Phone records and intercepted calls show that members of Donald J. Trump's 2016 presidential campaign and other Trump associates had repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials in the year before the election, according to four current and former American officials.
This was a complete lie, and there were no such contacts.

Monday, February 07, 2022

Do not get caught doing a Monkey Gesture

I mentioned attacks on EO Wilson, the recently-deceased famous ant biologist, and here is another:
Evolutionary ideas continue to be used by “race realists,” scientists and commentators alike, to promote ideology regarding the origin and implications of individual differences among humans that fall into socially-constructed racial groups. ...

Wilson pontificated that arguing for equity among groups of people was ideologically similar to racism, adding the evocative phrase “my way of putting it would be that anti-racism is the last refuge of scoundrels.”

Wilson left his papers to the Library of Congress, and someone spent three months scouring them for evidence of racism. He did not find any, but he did find where Wilson supported the academic freedom of scholars who might be called race realists. In particular, "Rushton’s disturbing attempts to enshrine his pseudoscientific beliefs about the biological basis of racial personality differences (from IQ, to sexual promiscuity, to criminality) into the scientific literature."
A year later, Rushton again asked Wilson to sponsor a PNAS article (box 143, folder 11). Wilson declined. This time, the article is explicitly about race, promoting Rushton’s now infamous ideas about applying r-K selection theory to racial differences.18 A few months later, Rushton submitted the paper to Ethology and Sociobiology, for which Wilson provided a strong positive review (box 143 folder 11), although it was eventually rejected.

In summary, r-K selection theory was a term coined by Wilson to describe how evolutionary forces may act to produce two types of reproductive strategies: “r” in which organisms produce many offspring with little parental care and “K” in which organisms produce few offspring and care for them greatly. In his pseudoscientific analyses, Rushton proposed that people of African ancestry were “r” strategists and people of European and Asian ancestry were “K” strategists.

So do Africans have more babies than Europeans and Asians, or not?

These are not socially constructed racial groups. They are defined by continent of origin.

The issue here is not whether Rushton is right or wrong. The issue is whether this is legitimate research. Today's leftists do not want to permit such research.

Pro hockey seems to have acquired an obsession for monkey gestures:

The East Coast Hockey League suspended Jacob Panetta on Sunday after the brother of longtime NHL defenseman P.K. Subban accused the Jacksonville defenseman of making “monkey gestures” in his direction.

The league said the indefinite suspension is pending a hearing under its collective bargaining agreement with its players. Jacksonville then announced it had to decided to cut Panetta. ...

comes in the wake of minor league forward Krystof Hrabik’s 30-game suspension for making a racial gesture during a Jan. 12 AHL game.

Video posted by P.K. Subban on Twitter shows Panetta taking a monkey-like pose while Jordan Subban is being led away by an official. ...

“As I began to turn my back he started making monkey gestures at me so I punched him in the face multiple times and he turtled like the coward he is,” Subban posted.

So a Black player go beserck on the ice and punches out a White player for a monkey gesture?

Of the two players accused of monkey gestures, one got a 30-game suspension, and the other was kicked off the team entirely.

I have searched, and I cannot figure out what a monkey gesture is. Supposedly this video shows it, but I don't see anything unusual.

Joe Rogan has learned that he has to avoid the N-word, even if he just referring to the word in a neutral way, or acknowledging that Blacks use the word all the time. I guess we all have to avoid monkey gestures also, but I don't even know what they are. I doubt that ignorance will be a defense.

Yahoo reports:

The same judge who presided over the trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin signed the no-knock warrant that led to the fatal shooting of Amir Locke, several Minnesota outlets reported.
Judge Peter Cahill probably thought that he was safe from the BLM/antiracism forces because he helped avenge the death of George Floyd. Not any more. He has now killed a Black man. If Chauvin is a racist killer of a Black man under color of legal authority, then the same will be said of Judge Cahill. Maybe someone will find video of him doing a monkey gesture, and he will spend the rest of his life in prison.

Update: Police video of the raid.

A Leftist hate site has a database of racist gestures, but no monkey gesture is listed.

Sunday, February 06, 2022

Atheism Movement is Controlled by Leftists

Here is a recent lecture on Phil Zuckerman: “How Secular Morality Will Save the World”:
Phil Zuckerman is the author of several books, including "What It Means to be Moral." He is the Associate Dean as well as Professor of Sociology at Pitzer College, and the founding chair of the nation’s first Secular Studies Program. Zuckerman gave a talk about “How Secular Morality Will Save the World” at FFRF's National Convention in Boston.

Learn more about the Freedom From Religion Foundation at

He says, at 8:40 to strong applause:
“The question is not how can you be moral if you don’t believe in God, but how can you be moral if you believe in God.”
Okay, I guess he thinks atheists are morally superior.

At 24:30 he says he has more in common with a religious leftist, than an atheist Trump supporter. The audience applauds.

What is going on here? What does atheism have to do with hating Trump? Trump is not even particularly religious.

Much of the lecture was bragging about how secularists and atheists are mostly leftists. He says he is horrified and disgusted that any atheists would support Trump.

Atheists hate it when you accuse them of having their own faiths, just like religious folks. But how else do you explain the atheist movement being so Leftist?

My dictionary defines atheist as someone who denies God. However, the leading atheists hardly ever talk about God, and talk about advancing Leftist political causes much more. I think atheism has become a variant of Leftism.

Saturday, February 05, 2022

More California Laws to Destroy Marriage

Here is another example of a politician pushing anti-marriage law. In this case, a gay California legislator sees no legal significance to marriage.

A local weekly reports:

Enter Senator Laird. ...

“It’s just not fair,” says Laird, “It’s not fair to the surviving partner, and it’s really not fair to the kids. They have no control over their lives; they’ve lost their father, and the fact that certain benefits accrue to the kids of the surviving spouse, and if there isn’t a marriage, there is no surviving spouse, that disadvantages the kids greatly.”

Laird says he believes the state should acknowledge a family unit regardless of marital status and seeks to make things right with this bill. Laird said he wasn’t able to address this issue following Butler’s death in 2013 because he wasn’t in the Legislature at the time.

In the future, marriage ceremonies will be legally meaningless. The state will decide what your family is.

Some people try to deny that gays are out to destroy marriage for heterosexuals. Here is an example.

Here is another:

The German Bishops’ Conference (DBK) has officially supported the #OutinChurch LGBT campaign publicly backed by 125 Catholic Church employees, including clergy.

On January 24, the LGBT campaign released their seven-point list of demands to the Catholic Church, including for a change in Church “doctrine” on sexuality, ...

For years, the German bishops as a whole have been notorious for defying Church teaching in various ways, such as by advocating for allowing sacrilege via Communion for those in adulterous relationships and permitting Protestants to receive Holy Communion under certain circumstances.

Friday, February 04, 2022

Protecting Fairness in Girls Sports

FoxNews reports:
Republican Gov. Kristi Noem said Sunday her bill making its way through South Dakota’s legislature aimed at protecting fairness in women's sports will be the "strongest bill in the nation" of its kind.

"This is about fairness," Noem said on "Fox News Sunday." "This is about making sure that our girls have a chance to be successful and to compete, to win scholarships, potentially go on to play professional sports beyond that. We want them to have the opportunity to do that.

She seems like that rare sensible politician who is standing up to the transgender madness.

At the same time, I don't agree with her reasoning. Winning scholarships and prepping for pro sports are lousy reasons for girls sports. I would favor abolishing girls sports, if those were the best reasons for them.

Girls develop differently from boys, and benefit from being separated from boys in some activities. Conservatives accept that there are these natural differences, and do not require contrived excuses for making traditional distinctions.

Those differences are recognized in literature going back millennia. They are confirmed by modern science. A boy does not become a girl by taking some hormone pills, or by becoming a fair athletic competitor.

Here are the new USA Swimming rules:

The elite athlete policy will be implemented by a decision-making panel comprised of three independent medical experts and eligibility criteria will consist of:

Evidence that the prior physical development of the athlete as a male, as mitigated by any medical intervention, does not give the athlete a competitive advantage over the athlete’s cisgender female competitors.

Evidence that the concentration of testosterone in the athlete’s serum has been less than 5 nmol/L (as measured by liquid chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry) continuously for a period of at least thirty-six (36) months before the date of application.

This is an unworkable compromise.

By using the term "cisgender female competitors", it shows that they know who the females are.

Thursday, February 03, 2022

Whoopi was just using popular definitions

Whoopi Goldberg has gotten into trouble, but she seems to have said the same thing as the Jewish Anti-Defamation League.

Newsweek reports:

The ADL had revised its definition of racism during the summer of 2020, according to internet archives. At the time, the U.S. was seeing waves of racial justice protests. In response, the ADL defined racism as: "The marginalization and/or oppression of people of color based on a socially constructed racial hierarchy that privileges white people."

Previously, the ADL had defined racism as "the belief that a particular race is superior or inferior to another, that a person's social and moral traits are predetermined by his or her inborn biological characteristics."

Goldberg had simply adopted this same change, and used the word racism to refer to BIPOC gripes against whites.

A Jewish publication explains:

Jews have long debated whether they are a “race” or something else. Judaism is a religion, practiced by people of all varieties and races across the globe. But Jews do not have to be practitioners to regard themselves or be accepted by other Jews as Jews. The Jewish tradition of “matrilineality” — defining as Jewish a child born of a Jewish mother — points to a biological definition of Jewish identity. But Judaism also accepts converts.

Taken all together, these various understandings have led Jews to regard themselves (and others to regard Jews) variously as a people, a nation, a tribe, a family and a faith — sometimes in various combinations, sometimes all at the same time.

But Hitler, like many antisemites before him, specifically — and repeatedly, in writings and laws and speeches — labeled Jews as a physically impure Slavic-descended race, in contrast to what he termed the blonde, blue-eyed genetically pure German Aryan race. Nazi propaganda promoted pseudoscientific ways to supposedly identify Jews — by the size of their nose and lips, or the shape of their heads, among other things.

Hitler was obsessed by what he considered the biological fact of Jewish identity, and wrote that the “Final Solution” was inspired in part by his drive to create a more “pure” and singular human race, rid of “Jewish” and other impurities.

That would made Hitler racist, by definitions that used to be in common use, but not by today's ADL, BLM, and others.

Here is an anti-Whoopi rant:

Whoopi Goldberg’s claim that the Holocaust was not about race has got to be the dumbest thing said on a TV show since Whoopi Goldberg said Roman Polanski’s rape of Samantha Geimer was not ‘rape-rape’. Though of course Goldberg’s inflammatory comments about the Nazis’ extermination of European Jews, made on her show The View yesterday, are far worse. They confirm just how thoroughly the woke politics of ‘intersectionalism’ and the feverish obsession with ‘whiteness’ have distorted people’s understanding of racial hatred and of anti-Semitism in particular. They confirm that the end result of the contemporary bourgeois fixation on ‘white privilege’ and ‘black victimhood’ is that more and more people are historically illiterate, morally vacuous and racially insensitive. ...

The Holocaust was the clearest, most notorious act of racial savagery in human history. To say the Holocaust wasn’t ‘about race’ is to engage in explicit Holocaust revisionism. It is a species of Holocaust denialism, in fact, where the core motivating factor of the Holocaust – the Nazis’ racial hatred of the Jewish people – is erased. The Holocaust is rendered meaningless, or at least mundane, if its driving force of racial loathing is removed. ...

But perhaps the most revealing and unsettling thing said by Goldberg was this: ‘But these [were] two white groups of people.’ She means the Nazis and the Jews. Both white folk. So how can it have been about race? Isn’t race all about white privilege and black victimhood? Isn’t it all about the ‘white supremacy’ and ‘white fragility’ that contemporary white Americans and Europeans display towards black people in their every interaction? This captures how impoverished and shrivelled the woke set’s understanding of racism is.

Yes, the woke set has adopted anti-white definitions. It is not ignorance. It is an anti-white ideology, using an anti-white definition of racism.

NY Post reports:

Former Democratic US senator and comedian Al Franken offered a defense of suspended “The View” host Whoopi Goldberg, arguing her stage name is solid proof that she isn’t an anti-Semite.

“I know Whoopi. She’s not anti-Semitic. She chose ‘Goldberg’ for her last name for a stage name,” Franken said during a Wednesday appearance on CNN. “I think she gave a really fulsome and sincere apology. I think what she said wasn’t quite what she meant.”

Goldberg was born Caryn Elaine Johnson before adopting her new name.

She is just against all whites and Jews.

Update: This Jewish essay from six months ago says, No, Jews Aren’t White. The reasoning does not make any sense, but it does reflect common Jewish opinion.

Update: Here is the Ibram X. Kendi definition of racism, and what he calls antiracism.

Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Covid Lockdowns have Failed

A new research paper claims:
Overall, we conclude that lockdowns are not an effective way of reducing mortality rates during a pandemic, at least not during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our results are in line with the World Health Organization Writing Group (2006), who state, “Reports from the 1918 influenza pandemic indicate that social-distancing measures did not stop or appear to dramatically reduce transmission […]

In Edmonton, Canada, isolation and quarantine were instituted; public meetings were banned; schools, churches, colleges, theaters, and other public gathering places were closed; and business hours were restricted without obvious impact on the epidemic.” Our findings are also in line with Allen’s (2021) conclusion: “The most recent research has shown that lockdowns have had, at best, a marginal effect on the number of Covid 19 deaths.”

The USA had the best tools for fighting covid, but the NY Times reports that we had more deaths per capita than other wealthy countries.

I believe that we would have all been better off if we treated covid-19 like the seasonal flu, or maybe the unusually bad flu strain that we get every ten years or so. The world went mad over a minor disease that we could not do much about anyway.

Update: Denmark Lifts All Covid Controls.