Saturday, February 05, 2022

More California Laws to Destroy Marriage

Here is another example of a politician pushing anti-marriage law. In this case, a gay California legislator sees no legal significance to marriage.

A local weekly reports:

Enter Senator Laird. ...

“It’s just not fair,” says Laird, “It’s not fair to the surviving partner, and it’s really not fair to the kids. They have no control over their lives; they’ve lost their father, and the fact that certain benefits accrue to the kids of the surviving spouse, and if there isn’t a marriage, there is no surviving spouse, that disadvantages the kids greatly.”

Laird says he believes the state should acknowledge a family unit regardless of marital status and seeks to make things right with this bill. Laird said he wasn’t able to address this issue following Butler’s death in 2013 because he wasn’t in the Legislature at the time.

In the future, marriage ceremonies will be legally meaningless. The state will decide what your family is.

Some people try to deny that gays are out to destroy marriage for heterosexuals. Here is an example.

Here is another:

The German Bishops’ Conference (DBK) has officially supported the #OutinChurch LGBT campaign publicly backed by 125 Catholic Church employees, including clergy.

On January 24, the LGBT campaign released their seven-point list of demands to the Catholic Church, including for a change in Church “doctrine” on sexuality, ...

For years, the German bishops as a whole have been notorious for defying Church teaching in various ways, such as by advocating for allowing sacrilege via Communion for those in adulterous relationships and permitting Protestants to receive Holy Communion under certain circumstances.

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