Monday, February 21, 2022

John Oliver pushes Anti-White Propaganda

John Oliver is back with a video on indoctrinating American students with Critical Race Theory.

It is supposed to be comedy, but he mainly gets laughs from a audience trained to laugh whenever he says F*CK, which he says in every third sentence.

He keeps saying "we" as if he were an American, but he says it in a low-class British accent. He is married to an American, and has been in American broadcast long enough to learn an American accent, if he had any talent.

He complains about people quoting MLK on not judging people by the color of their skin. Oliver wants schools to judge by skin color.

He complains about rumors of students using the N-word, but then argues that it is only bad for White people to use it.

He complains that someone once made an argument at a public school board meeting, even tho he did not have a child attending the school.

He says that America must be racist, because some people questioned Barack Obama's citizenship and religion in 2008. (A third of Blacks don't know his religion either -- are they therefore racist? Well, yes, they probably are.)

He complains that many CRT critics say that the theory is incoherent. (Yes, it can be incoherent, and reasonable to be against it.)

He complains that CRT get lumped together with other anti-white ideologies.

Mainly he advocates laws enabling public schools to teach that Whites are evil and racist.

He is a good example of how TV comedy has become Woke propaganda, and is not funny anymore.

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