Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Scamala: Kamala Harris Unmasked

Ben Shapiro tells her life story, and it is not good.

Nobody thinks that Pres. Biden will be competent in 2028. Most think he is incompetent now. mainstream Democrats are sticking with him as the candidate.

They are really asking you to accept Kamala Harris as President.

Biden has kept the support of the White-haters and Woke Left by making only 5% of his judicial appointments White men.

Everything about Harris is bad. Just watch the video.

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CFT said...

Watch Kamala's talk about 'the significance of the time'. Aside from the entertainment value, It was literally a master class exposition on what a recursive loop is. Kamala is where she is solely because she is a woke walking check box. She is utterly devoid of basic self awareness...or much intelligence above room temperature.

Kamala would be a puppet not a president if she won the election.