Monday, July 08, 2024

Biden's Lies have been going on for years

Everyone suddenly turned against Pres. Biden after the debate, as if he showed dementia for the first time.

But his debate consisted mostly of carefully prepared remarks that repeated talking points that he has been saying for years.

Consider this excerpt, where he (1) refers to Trump prosecutions that Biden himself ordered, and acted as if they were Trump's own problems; (2) then complains about the possibility that Trump might do to him the same as what he did to Trump, as retribution; (3) repeats the lie that his son died in Iraq (he died of brain cancer, 6 years after leaving Iraq); (4) repeats the lie that he decided to run for President based on what he saw in Charlottesville; and (5) repeats the Trump "fine people" hoax:

BIDEN: The more they know about what he’s done, yes. The more they know about what he’s done.

And there’s a lot more coming. He’s got a lot of cases around the road coming around. He’s got – he’s got a whole range of issues he has to face. I don’t know what the juries will do, but I do know – I do know he has a real problem.

And so the fact that – could you ever think you’re hearing any president say that, I’m going to seek retribution? Do you ever hear any president say that he thought it might be a good idea?

What got me involved to run in the first place after my son had died, I decided – in Iraq – because of Iraq, I said, I wasn’t going to run again. Until I saw what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia, people coming out of the woods carrying swastikas on torches – torches and singing the same antisemitic bile they sang when – back in Germany.

And what did – and the young woman got killed. I spoke to the mother. And she – they asked him, they said, what – well, what do you think of those people, the people who – the one who – the ones who tried to stop it and the ones who said, I think there’s fine people on both sides?

What American president would ever say Nazis coming out of fields, carrying torches, singing the same antisemitic bile, carrying swastikas, were fine people?

This is a guy who says Hitler’s done some good things. I’d like to know what they are, the good things Hitler’s done. That’s what he said.

This guy has no sense of American democracy.

Everyone agrees that these are lies that Biden has been telling for years. And then he ends by saying Trump has no sense of democracy, while Biden is the one prosecuting his political enemies.
BIDEN: You have to take a look at what I was left when I became president, what Mr. Trump left me.

We had an economy that was in freefall. The pandemic are so badly handled, many people were dying. All he said was, it’s not that serious. Just inject a little bleach in your arm. It’d be all right.

The economy collapsed. There were no jobs. Unemployment rate rose to 15 percent. It was terrible.

Trump never said anything about bleach. Trump's remarks were video-recorded, and he merely made some comments about legitimate medical research. Nobody with a working brain could think that Trump said anything about bleach. Or that he said neo-nazis were fine people.

I post this because Biden has been saying these things for 5 years. This was not some temporary lapse on debate night.

I am not sure if Biden is stupid, deluded, or demented. No one should have been surprised by the debate. He is not competent to hold any job of responsibility. Apparently he is just a puppet, and White House decisions are being made by puppeteers.

The Democrats will tell you that Trump also lies. But not like this. Trump sometimes exaggerates, or misstates a minors. He never tells lies like these.


MikeAdamson said...

Biden didn't order Trump's prosecution.

CFT said...

I don't think Biden has actually had the mental capacity to 'order' so much as a pizza in the last several years without his wife's help. The truth is coming out and it isn't going to be pretty for how much cover was dishonestly provided to a man who isn't competent enough to answer questions about what year he was elected, or what office he holds. Biden is certainly going to be a 'historical' president, but not in the way he had hoped.

A Biden Department of Justice official did collaborate with the prosecution however, there were numerous meetings with White House staff. You might want to google Matthew Colangelo. This entire case stinks to high heaven, being that you had a state court with a DA running his election campaign on 'getting Trump', and then trying a purportedly federal offense in a State court, this is never supposed to happen. The legality of the issue of Stormy Daniels hush money as 'election interference', and having someone from Biden's own Department of Justice (Federal) jumping over to a state court certainly does smack of election meddling.

Roger said...

If Biden did not order Trump's prosecution, then who did?

Maybe you say Jack Smith, and he is just a private citizen. Under US law, federal prosecutions can only be brought by the US DoJ, with the approval of the Attorney General and the President. The President appoints the prosecutors, and can fire any of them at any time.

Biden is currently campaigning on Trump being a criminal who deserves to be prosecuted. So yes, Biden is all-in for the prosecutions.