Wednesday, July 03, 2024

Official to Improve Men's Behavior

CNN reports:
As Australian women push for action on domestic violence – a problem described by the country’s prime minister as a “national crisis” – one state has appointed a special official charged with improving men’s behavior.

Victoria Premier Jacinta Allan announced Wednesday that state MP Tim Richardson would serve as the inaugural Parliamentary Secretary for Men’s Behavior Change – the first position of its kind in the country.

Richardson said he would focus on the influence the internet and social media have on male attitudes towards women, and on building respectful relationships. It would not be “easy work, but it is important,” he added.

A minister to improve BIPOC behavior would make more sense.


CFT said...

Sounds like a great idea, when can we create an organization to retrain useless politicians into actually doing something remotely helpful?
And maybe another organization to teach college educated women how to stop being mindless blue haired harpies and busybodies with emotional incontinence issues?
I'm sure it would go over splendidly...or not.

CFT said...

As much as I detest certain people's behaviors, hearing government officials wax 'selflessly' eloquent about how they are going to 'fix' people brings to mind pretty much every historical instance of governments trying to 'fix' people with:

State controlled ethnic cleansings (aka genocide by a more pleasant sounding another name),
State controlled eugenics programs (aka ethnic cleansing by a more pleasant sounding name),
State sponsored concentration camps (or 'worker reeducation facilities' if you are in China),
State sponsored LSD and mind control experiments (Fentynal, what fentynal????),
State sponsored abortion (aka Prenatal affirming care),
State sponsored euthanasia (aka Elderly affirming care),
State sponsored racial quotas (aka institutionalized racism...the good kind!),
State controlled censorship (aka Ministry Of Truth),
State controlled gender affirming care (aka child castration)
State controlled spying on citizens without warrant (aka Homeland Insecurity),
State controlled media propaganda (Home Of The original 'Cheap Fakes!')

My goodness, with all those glowing success stories, what's not to like? Sign me up!

I do hope the Australians solve the problem of this 'helpful' government official a little less drastically by promoting him to the official minister of the Pounding Sand Department of Rehabilitation. It should suit his creative impulses quite nicely.