Monday, August 03, 2020

Yes, we like objective facts

Emphasis on objective facts is a White cultural thing, according to the Smithsonian, and maintaining the anti-White narrative requires shutting down factual sources. Almost no one is willing to tell you the cause of George Floyd's death. Reddit has even shut down commentary on hate crime hoaxes, along with shutting down pro-Trump messages. Now a Jewish publication, The Atlantic, has essay denouncing men who rely on facts. Because women rely on feelings, not facts. Or because facts interfere with the Jewish Leftist narrative. Or both. Her husband once wrote a whole book on how non-Jewish Whites can be tricked into acquiescing to their demographic replacement. 

Google is launching a new tool that allows businesses to identify themselves as Black-owned through the company’s Maps and Search listings. ... In 2018, Google introduced similar badges for businesses to display if they were either “Women-Led” and/or friendly to members of the LGBTQ+ community.
Wow, I am looking forward to similar labels for Whites, Jews, Moslems, Republicans, and Communists. 

Yahoo Sports reports:
Orlando Magic forward Jonathan Isaac chose not to join his teammates in protest Friday. While the rest of the Magic got down on one knee during the national anthem, Isaac chose to stand. Isaac, 22, was the only player to do so. 
Isaac was also the lone player on the court who didn’t wear a Black Lives Matter shirt. Instead, he wore his Magic jersey and warmup pants during the anthem. Jonathan Isaac is the first player during the restart to stand for the National Anthem. All the remaining coaches, players, and members of both teams took a knee.
He will not be canceled, because he is Black. All White players must demonstrate subservience to the new Black world order.

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