Saturday, August 15, 2020

Kamala Harris exposed

Facebook and Twitter are actively blocking pro-Trump and anti-Biden-Harris comments, but some are leaking thru, and now the NY Times has a whole article trying to debunk them:
On Thursday, Mr. Trump himself encouraged one of the most persistent falsehoods, a racist conspiracy theory that Ms. Harris is not eligible for the vice presidency or presidency because her parents were immigrants.
No, her parents appear to have been on student visas, not immigrant visas. The argument has nothing to do with race or immigration. See articles here, here, and here on why Harris is not a natural born citizen, as required to be a VP.
According to the rumors about Ms. Harris, she is tied to the conspiracy because her sister was invited by John Podesta, Ms. Clinton’s presidential campaign manager, to a “Hillary pizza party” in 2016.
So was she invited or not? We still have not gotten an explanation as to what was going on at those Podesta parties.
“Kamala Harris is not an American Black,” said one tweet that collected 2,300 likes and shares after it was first posted on Wednesday. “She is half Indian and half Jamaican. She is robbing American Blacks of their history. Kamala is as Black American as Obama.”
That is correct. She has more slaveowners than slaves in her ancestry. She is not an American Black.
One of the most convoluted lies that has spread on social media involves the actor Jussie Smollett and the baseless allegation that Ms. Harris is his aunt and knew in advance that Mr. Smollett was planning to stage an assault against himself early last year. ... Ms. Harris did initially condemn the news of the apparent attack on Mr. Smollett, but when the police said the assault had been staged, she put out a new statement saying she was “sad, frustrated and disappointed” by the development.
So she did help promote the hoax. Sure, she was sad that she got busted, but it shows her warped view of the world that she supports this and every other anti-white-male hoax. This article is just getting started. It does not even get into her religion, her Jewish husband, her life as mistress to a Black married man, her career prosecuted people who should not be prosecuted, etc.

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MikeAdamson said...

Thank you for the link to Jacobsen's post. It confirms my thinking and the sooner we move past this nonsense the better.