Monday, August 24, 2020

Who took over the Democrat Party?

Audacious Epigone writes:
The extent to which the preference of older black Americans override the preferences of the many other factions of the Democrat electoral coalition is difficult to overstate:

It’s not predominantly the party of working people or the party of immigrants or the party of government or the party of peace. More than anything else, it is the black party.

It might seem that way, all the officials talking Black Lives Matter all the time. He gets this response:
Nah, it’s the Jewish party (in reality, both parties are the Jewish party), with blacks simply used as proxies, cat’s-paws, janissaries and biological weapons in the eternal and unceasing war of the Jews against White Europeans and Christendom —...

Blacks are just a handy pocket-knife in this ludicrous and unnecessary struggle. Nobody on earth, no nation, no people, no civilization, actually takes blacks seriously.

The convention talked about Blacks a lot, and didn't mention Jews at all. But I think the commenter is correct. The Democrat Party hardly does anything for Blacks. It is almost entirely financed by Jews and Jewish fund-raising, and promoted by Jewish media. Blacks are not paying the bills or calling the shots.

In one of its regular news stories, not an opinion column, the NY Times reports:

a surprising problem for the president: his struggle to attract and retain a reliable stable of millionaires and billionaires willing to write seven-figure checks, despite his takeover of the Republican Party and a policy agenda that largely serves the interests of America’s ultrawealthy....

But the president’s sagging popularity, driven by his erratic and divisive behavior during the coronavirus crisis, has prompted some of the wealthiest Republicans — the heavy artillery of modern politics — to delay, divert or diminish their giving, just as Joseph R. Biden Jr. has begun to tap a rich vein of Wall Street and Silicon Valley support, party operatives and donors said in interviews.

The NY Times and the rest of the Jewish news media have an obvious anti-Trump bias here, but it admits that Biden is the candidate of the super-rich, and Trump is getting all his support from ordinary middle class Americans.

It is the super-rich who want to replace the American White middle class with cheap foreign labor. They want this for the same reasons that they have wanted to bust the labor unions.

The Democrat Party is not the party of the working man anymore. It is the party of the super-rich, the White-haters, and the welfare class. It has no appeal to anyone else.

As for the Jews, you might point out that neither Biden nor Harris are Jewish. That is correct, but Jews have infiltrated their families. The Jewish Daily Forward reports:

In fact, all three of Biden’s children — Beau and Hunter, his sons with his first wife, Neilia Biden, and Ashley, his daughter with current wife Jill Jacobs biden — married members of the tribe. Here’s a rundown of the Jewish members of the Biden clan. ... Ahead of their wedding, which took place on the roof deck of Cohen’s Los Angeles apartment, Hunter got a bicep tattoo to match one Cohen already had: the word “Shalom,” written in Hebrew letters.
They also explain Harris is married to a Jew:
One evening in November 2017, United States Senator Kamala Harris stood facing Jerusalem’s Western Wall.

It was her third visit to Israel, but the first time she’d come with a special escort: Her husband Doug Emhoff.

Though he is Jewish, Emhoff, then 53, had never visited Israel. So Harris, whom he’d married in 2014, invited him to accompany her on an official congressional delegation organized by the Senate. ...

But when pressed about her son’s Jewish upbringing, she demurred: “We’ve been sworn to secrecy,” she said. “We were told not to talk to anybody.” ...

In 2017, Harris delivered a keynote speech at AIPAC Policy Conference, where she recounted a childhood memory of collecting money for the Jewish National Fund. “I never sold Girl Scout Cookies,” Harris said at AIPAC, “but I raised money to plant trees in Israel.”

More than any other national candidates in recent memory, it is clear that Biden and Harris are just puppets. They have no control over their policy positions, and do not even appear to understand them. They are owned by others.

Update: I see that Richard Spencer and a lot of Deep State warmongers are endorsing Biden. They complain that we didn't go to war in Syria, among other things. The election is really revealing a lot of anti-Americans.

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