Tuesday, August 04, 2020

The election result may be incalculable

The NY Times continues to say The coronavirus pandemic has taken an incalculable death toll, where it lists the deaths. Apparently they do not know the meaning of incalculable. Separately, it argues that the Presidential votes will not be countable on election night. The mail-in ballots could take weeks to count, and if it is close, the difficulties are likely to be worse than in 2000. The election could get thrown into the House if some states do not declare a winner. In the worst-case scenario, California refuses to accept Trump's reelection, and secedes from the Union. The military is called. They could be right. This election looks like a disaster. The Democrat candidate is too senile to debate. He is about to announce a VP choice who is likely to be an incompetent Black woman. Foogle, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit are massively interfering by censoring the pro-Trump postings. The voters will not have fair access to info, and we will not have honest and anonymous voting. I expect Dems to be stuffing the mailboxes with doctored ballots. Here is a funny video on Silicon Valley Diversity. Diversity means hiring non-whites who recite Jewish leftist mantras, like hating Pres. Trump.

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