Friday, August 28, 2020

Professor gets canceled for harmless joke

Inside Higher Ed reports:
A professor of marketing at the University of Missouri at Columbia told students he’d been relieved of his teaching duties after comments he made to a student from Wuhan, China, about the need for a face mask during an online class meeting were widely circulated on social media. ...

The university confirmed that the marketing professor, Joel Poor, remained employed and “has been assigned to other duties.” Missouri referred the incident to its Office for Civil Rights and Title IX, which has opened an investigation.

Some students have called for Poor’s firing, while others have taken to his defense, saying his comments were meant jokingly and there was no malicious intent.

Watch the video. It was obviously a harmless joke. No sane person would take offense to this.

This may seem silly, but it is just another aspect of the civil war that we are degenerating to. Look at Kenosha. It is only about 5% Black, but it now has race riots. A Black man resisted arrest, and got shot. A couple of rioters got shot. I am not sure yet who might have committed crimes, but it is clear that we have a govt that encouraging riots.

I am reserving judgment on Kenosha until more facts are in, but there is a pattern to these stories. Black man with a long criminal history gets arrested again. He resists arrest, and police use necessary force. Antifa types create outrage on social media. Blacks identify with the criminal. Jews dominate the mainstream with talk of racism and White privilege. An investigation shows the Black man was entirely at fault. Jews continue to blame Whites, and Blacks complain about criminals being treated like criminals.


MikeAdamson said...

Blake wasn't arrested in Kenosha. Easier just to shoot him I guess.

Roger said...

Yes, Black was being arrested in Kenosha. See USA Today story on a previous warrant for his arrest. The police were holding him at gunpoint. Reportedly, the police also used a taser on him.