Thursday, August 20, 2020

Democrats stoke racial animosity

Thomas B. Edsall writes for the NY Times:
Even with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris at the top of the Democratic ticket, the importance of ethnicity and race in American politics is growing, not diminishing. ... With virtually all opinion polls suggesting that the Biden-Harris team is at present positioned to win
The Democrats are preoccupied by ethnicity and race. Biden only got the nomination because of his ability to win Black votes. Harris was only appointed because of her ethnicity and race.

This is not just my opinions. My articles by Democrat strategists say the same thing.

Fanning the flames of racial animosity lies at the core of Trump’s election strategy, as it did in 2016.
No, that is crazy. The Democrats fan the flames of racial animosity about 100 times as much as Republicans.

Trump and the Republicans offer essentially the same message to all ethnic groups and races, and avoid animosity as much as possible.

The Democrat Party has become the hate-Whitey party. They rarely offer any other reason to vote for them. Just look at the NY Times article on Democrat convention. Every single article shows an obsession with ethnicity and race.

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