Saturday, August 29, 2020

Apple computer company joins the Black racism

The Apple CEO tweeted:
We stand with those who refuse to accept the status quo. The WNBA, NBA, and all of those who will not tolerate another Jacob Blake. Another Emmett Till. We must do better — lives depend on it. — Tim Cook (@tim_cook) August 28, 2020
Till died in 1955. Kamala Harris and others are tweeting about Blake and Till also. It is funny how they celebrate basketball players who identify with Black criminals who resist arrest. This Kenosha incident makes me think we are headed towards Civil War 2.0. Kenosha is an ordinary midwestern town, with about 10% Blacks. It is Middle America. If it can be destroyed by race riots, then no Middle American town is safe. It is clear that the Democrats and Blacks have little interest in facts. They did not care about George Floyd's cause of death either. These incidents are just excuses to hate White people. They are out to destroy White civilization.

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