Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Trolling for a civil war

Ramesh Ponnuru writes for Bloomberg/Yahoo:
President Donald Trump warns that removing him from office would “cause a Civil War-like fracture in this Nation from which our Country will never heal.” He is quoting Robert Jeffress, a prominent evangelical supporter, who also says that Democrats are trying to remove Trump from office because they know they cannot defeat him in an election. But this effort, Jeffress predicts and Trump affirms, will fail.
Ponnuru goes on to agree with Jeffress that the effort to remove Trump will fail.

The NY Times wants to ban Trump from Twitter:
It’s important to stress that what Mr. Trump is doing is no different from what various autocrats and haters around the world are doing with social media platforms to push their malevolent agendas. With this latest move by the troller in chief, with no reaction from Twitter, it’s official that the medium has been hijacked by those who want to take advantage of its porous and sloppy rules.
What about all the newspapers that are reporting that Maxine Waters says she wants to put Trump in solitary confinement?

Some guy named Hunter says:
I had a very long discussion with Christopher Cantwell this evening about Donald Trump, the Deep State, the 2020 election and the meltdown of The Daily Stormer which is a Jewish performance art website that was created to control and discredit the Far Right.
Really? A performance art website?

The Daily Stormer does have troll articles, and humor. Sometimes I think it is just being silly. Sometimes I think it is being deliberately offensive, to drive away the normies. Or maybe it is a false flag operation to discredit the Far Right.

The site says that it is the most censored site. I believe it.

Regardless of Trump's Twitter feed, reading either the NY Times or the Daily Stormer might lead you to believe that we are headed towards Civil War 2.0. They are saying the same thing, in different ways.

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