Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Court forces dad to castrate son

Washington Examiner reports:
A jury in Texas returned a verdict on Monday that will prevent a Texas dad from intervening in the gender transition of his 7-year-old son.

Jeffrey Younger had petitioned a court in Texas to grant him sole custody of his twin sons, James and Jude, in part to avoid a plan to infuse James with female hormones.
Do you need any more proof that our society has been taken over by sickos?

If you don't buy into this garbage, then you are bigot. How far will the Left go? Have you had enuf yet?

According to the comments, the dad is the genetic dad, and the mom is not the genetic mom.

Maybe we should return to a system that favors father custody.

Update: The London Daily Mail has the story.

It turns out that the legal mom is a pediatrician who annulled the marriage because she claimed that he exaggerated his resume, and the judge believed her rather than him. She also made domestic violence allegations against him, but those were not believed.

She is obviously a lunatic. She even wants to rename the boy Luna!

Update: It appears that the dad lost the case because he had previously lost some of his parental rights. The judge said he lied about some things many years earlier, and I cannot assess that. Regardless, the court should not be forcing a boy to become a girl. I saw a report that the judge now recognizes this, perhaps because of the adverse publicity, and has given the dad the right to oversee the bogus psychiatric treatment. So maybe the boy will be saved.

Update: This reddit thread has more info about the case, including a juror saying the dad was an unemployed con man, and the legal mom should get custody because she has more money.

Maybe law should say that the parent with more money should win a child custody dispute, but that is not the law we have. The way the system is set up, the parent with less money usually wins such disputes, and the child support/alimony payments are ordered.

The dad supposedly lied about a few things, but if so, I am not sure what is worse. The dad for telling the lies, or the gestational mom for believing such silly lies. No one that gullible should be making big decisions.

The jury was apparently not so crazy because it knew that the dad would have veto power over castration. But it still authorized this lunatic legal mom to raise this boy as a girl.

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