Friday, October 25, 2019

Wacky Jewish ideas on sovereignty

It is anti-Semitic to say that Jews are taking over the world, but it is also anti-Semitic to oppose Jews taking over the world. Here is a Jewish opinion:
Sovereignism is nothing but the new name of anti-Semitism. Jews and Muslims, who are both threatened by it, must unite against the fantasies of the great replacement.
Having sovereign nations makes it harder for Jews and Muslims to take over, I guess. And while Jews hate the Muslims and Muslims hate the Jews, they both seek to undermine European sovereignty.
Islam is not a threat to France; it is a component since the eighth century. It is through it, and through Jewish philosophers, that Greek thought arrived in France at the turn of the first millennium. And never has the world been better off than when Judaism, Christianity, and Islam worked together to make reason triumph over obscurantism. ...

[France] must not fall for the fantasies of the ‘great replacement,’ remember that she carries the name of an invading people, and that she is, from her origin, a foremost place for the settlement of innumerable peoples which every Frenchman, wherever he comes from, is the heir to. ...

“We can imagine, we can dream of Jerusalem as the capital of the planet, which will one day be united around a world-government. It would be a fine place for a world-government.”
This is so foolish, I don't know where to start. What we understand as "reason triumph over obscurantism" is almost entirely a Christian invention. Jerusalem would be the worst place for a world capital.

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