Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Start brainwashing at age 6 months

I posted research that 5-year-old kids have an understanding about racial differences, and now NPR Radio says that White parents should start brainwashing early:
Even when parents do talk about social identity, according to the survey, many wait until their kids are 10, 11 or even 12 years old. Jennifer Kotler Clarke, who oversaw the Sesame survey, says parents seem to think younger kids don't notice these differences, though "there's all sorts of research that suggest that children very early on notice definitely physical differences between different people and they make meaning of those differences. And there's discrimination very early on."

How early on? Try six months old.
It says that non-white parents talk to their kids about racial identity all the time, but White parents don't. Apparently liberals have persuaded Whites into raising a color-blind generation, but the kids notice race anyway.

Obviously color blindness is not good enough for the social justice warriors. That was also showed by the recent Harvard admissions trial, where the judge said that Harvard could go on with its twisted racial preferences forever.

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