Thursday, October 31, 2019

Some people might call that espionage

Jewish publications get all upset when a Jew's loyalty is questions. Here is an example from Forward:
Refugee Jewish Vet Testifying On Impeachment Has Loyalty Questioned On Fox, CNN

After reports emerged that National Security Council member Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman was set to testify to Congress about his discomfort with President Trump’s Ukraine policy and actions, conservative commentators began implying that Vindman, a Jewish former refugee from Ukraine, was disloyal to the United States.

“Here we have a U.S. national security official, who is advising Ukraine while working inside the White House, apparently against the president’s interests, and usually they spoke in English,” Fox News Channel host Laura Ingraham said on Monday, referring to Vindman’s interactions with Ukrainian officials who asked him for advice on how to handle Trump. “Isn’t that kind of an interesting angle on the story?”

“I find that astounding,” replied former George W. Bush administration official John Yoo. “And some people might call that espionage.”
I am still figuring out all the players here, as the impeachment hearing are being held by Democrats in secret.

Impeachment is being led by Schiff, Nadler, and Schumer. There is not even a pretense of fair play, or following rule of law.

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