Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Jew insists on all-Jewish panel

The Forward magazine has the slogan "Jewish. Fearless. Since 1897." It reports:
I Was Protested At Bard College For Being A Jew
By Batya Ungar-Sargon

I was invited to host a breakout session of my choosing, and I proposed a workshop on navigating other people’s opinions in the age of Trump – a topic of deep importance to my work as Opinion Editor of The Forward, where we insist on representing the full gamut of legitimate opinion.
She goes on to say that the panel was all Jewish, and that there was no need for any non-Jewish opinions.

Some left-wing students protested that this was a one-sided panel. She got mad and walked off the stage.
Yet polls show that more than 95% of Jews in America have a favorable view of Israel. The debate over whether Zionists are human and deserving of human treatment will have to be held in the absence of Jews of conscience. In 2019, no Jew should be forced to debate their humanity, their right to exist independent of anti-Semitism. ...

But as I know all too well, the most important factor in hosting the full gamut of legitimate opinion is knowing where the red lines are. And if you think allowing Jews to be protested for being Jews does not represent a red line, I have nothing more to say to you, and nothing I want to hear.
So she is all in favor of expressing legitimate opinions, except for certain red lines. Jews must totally control certain subjects.

Note that this is entirely a dispute between left-wing Jews and left-wing non-Jews. I would not be surprised if I have more agreement with the left-wing Jews than the left-wing non-Jews, on the underlying issues. But those issues were not discussed.

I am just posting this as an example of how Jews think.

Imagine if a college sponsored a panel discussion on White Genocide, and only allowed KKK members on the panel. Imagine if a White Christian said that discussing threats to the White race with non-whites is a red line that must not be crossed.

There are left-wing Jews who say that support of Israel is anti-semitic, because of some disagreemnt about the governance of Gaza and the West Bank. Here they harass a pro-Israel congressman:
A Jewish activist group has called out Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise over what the group says is anti-Semitic and white nationalist rhetoric from the Republican party.

Two members of the progressive Jewish activist group IfNotNow confronted the congressman at a town hall event in Louisiana Monday. ...

The congressman said he has fought anti-Semitism, focusing on Republican efforts to officially condemn Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar for a series of allegedly anti-Semitic tweets. ...

Oliff-Lieberman then asked about President Donald Trump's claim that Jews who support Democrats are "disloyal Jews," to which Scalise appeared to smile while replying "I don't know when you had that meeting with him."

When asked to condemn anti-Semitism among Republicans, Scalise instead said he condemns "all of it," and encouraged Oliff-Lieberman to condemn anti-Semitism "on the Democrat side." ...

"I gave him the opportunity to practice Teshuva this morning, the Jewish tradition of repairing harm that has been done. ...

"Donald Trump calls me a disloyal Jew and you say nothing. You stay silent. It's a trope that literally sent my grandfather to Auschwitz, Jews being called disloyal in Germany," Newman said to Scalise.
It is really sick the way some Jews will bring up the Holocaust to harass whoever happens to be their political enemies at the moment. They support Palestinian Arabs and fight Republicans, but it is the Palestinian Arabs who attack the Jews, not the Trump Republicans. It is obvious that these Jews just hate Trump and Scalise because they are White Christians.

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