Saturday, October 26, 2019

Zizek appears to be a nut

Jordan Peterson debated an eastern European leftist intellectual named Zizek. I never heard of him. It turns out that he has a substantial following, altho many others believe that he is either evil or a phony. I am referring to Zizek, altho the same could be said of Peterson.

Read this leftist critique of Zizek, and you probably won't read any more. Here is a sample:
In short, Žižek’s views on (Muslim) immigrants and refugees can be roughly summarized as follows: despite the fact that the majority of immigrants are inherently predisposed towards fascism, pedophilia, the subordination of women and the hatred of free speech, Europe should, nevertheless, open its doors to them and guarantee their “dignified survival”.
It is amazing how many distinguished academic scholars are really crackpots.

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