Sunday, October 27, 2019

Ignore hyphenated names and celebrate Holloween

There are a lot of people who don't like Halloween, from Christians who think that it is Satanic, to parents who think that it is unsafe. But NPR Radio complains that it is too offensive for other reasons:
MIA MOODY-RAMIREZ: They wonder, what's the big deal? Why are people getting upset over this?

FADEL: She's the chair of Baylor University's Department of Journalism, Public Relations and New Media. She says people might think a costume is funny or beautiful. The big deal, though, is it's a dominant culture taking elements of a minority culture with disregard.

MOODY-RAMIREZ: So it's the idea of people wearing something without really knowing the history of whatever it is that they're wearing. Or also, if it's something that's from an oppressed group and people are benefiting financially from using that product or wearing that attire but they're not actually showing respect for that culture.
No, this is crazy.

Halloween is celebrated in White Christian countries. If there is any cultural appropriation going on, it is non-whites celebrating Halloween. Those people should celebrate their own holidays instead of complaining about ours.

Baylor U. is paying Mia Moody-R. to teach White hatred. She should learn to respect White culture.

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