Tuesday, October 01, 2019

The Left threatens Civil War 2

NY Times opinion writer Charlie Warzelwrites:
As outlandish and extreme as it is, warning of a looming civil war is a familiar talking point across the pro-Trump media. It’s part of a growing tradition of right-wing fearmongering ...

The threat of a civil war often comes up in discussions of an assault weapons ban. A proposed gun buyback program? “What you are calling for is civil war,” Tucker Carlson said on Fox News. The conservative writer Erick Erickson tweeted, “It is not a stretch to say there’d be violence if the gov’t tried to confiscate” AR-15s.
No, this is not just right-wing fear-mongering.

Democrat candidates really are talking about confiscating AR-15s, the most popular American rifle. They threaten to oust a popularly elected President because he asked a foreign official for information. They threaten to abolish all border controls, and to allow invasions of migrants and refugees. They threaten to abolish private medical insurance. They push to censor non-leftist political views. Democrat-controlled California increasingly tries to disassociate itself from the rest of the USA.

The "pro-Trump media" is only 5% of the news media. It is really just Fox News in the evening, and Rush Limbaugh during the day. Trump-haters control all the other networks, as well as Hollywood and the computer platforms.

The Left is pushing for war, not the Right.

Ousting Pres. Trump would be a Deep State coup.

Maybe ousting Pres. Nixon should have been considered a coup, as we now know that it secretly led by a disgruntled assistant FBI director who committed felonies to set up Nixon.

But Nixon was at least accused of some illegalities. Trump is not even accused of anything illegal.

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