Sunday, October 06, 2019

Another dubious She Said accuser

Rowena Chiu writes a NY Times op-ed:
In 1998, I had recently graduated from Oxford with a degree in English literature, and my one ambition was to succeed in the film industry. ...

on her affair with Harvey Weinstein: a late-night meeting with Harvey. I had expected to discuss potential film productions and scripts, and we did. But after hours of fending off his chitchat, flattery, requests for massages and a bath, ultimately I found myself pushed back against the bed. I’d worn two pairs of tights for protection, and tried to appease him by taking one of them off and letting him massage me, but it hadn’t worked. ...

But even after the weeks of intense pressure, when I finally signed the nondisclosure document, accepting a settlement of £125,000 (about $213,000) and agreeing to stay silent forever, the trauma was not yet over.
She says that she was sexually attracted to him because he was a rich and powerful white man. She knew his reputation for sexual harassment when she went to work for him. She voluntarily went with him to a hotel room late at night, and took her tights off. She never took her underwear off or had sexual relations with him.

Most women are sexually attracted to rich and powerful men, and will use them to their advantage.

In those 20 years, she got married and divorced, and never told her husband.

That is her story. Weinstein says it was all consensual.

I am not going to try to figure out what happened 20 years ago, as there were no witnesses, and no way of determining the truth. Most women are unable to recount accurately incidents like this, even if they try. What they remember is some story they told about it.

It appears that she was using him as much as he was using her. She was turned on by him, and used him to get into the film industry. She flirted with him, and then collected $213k for it. She never did what she led him to believe that she was going to do. She was dishonest with her husband, and she broke her contract. She sold her body for $213k, and then reneged on the deal.

The NY Times reporters are now using her to sell a book, even tho it is doing grave damage to her reputation. Now everyone knows what she is. I think that she got bad advice.

She says "Harvey was white and I was a person of color", in order to fit the NY Times narrative. Of course Harvey is Jewish and she is Chinese. Harvey is facing criminal charges, based on old and dubious allegations like this one.

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