Monday, November 18, 2002

Stupid liberal argument of the day. Airport security screeners are being replaced federal workers who are American citizens. The SF CA paper reports:

The ACLU's Rosenbaum said the law's exclusion of screeners arose from "the same mentality that led to the Japanese internment, that you're classifying a group of legal noncitizens as inherent security threats."

Sounds like a completely wacky argument that no one would take seriously. Throwing someone in a concentration camp is a far more drastic action than denying a non-citizen a security job. Even the Japanese internments were upheld by the US Supreme Court. But wait -- the ACLU filed a lawsuit and somehow found the right judge for the case:
U.S. District Judge Robert Takasugi of Los Angeles issued a preliminary injunction blocking enforcement of the citizenship requirement.
But after a brief hearing Friday, Takasugi issued an order saying the government has not established that "the exclusion of all noncitizens is the least restrictive means to further the governmental interest in improving aviation security."
Takasugi, who was assigned the case by random draw, spent three years in an internment camp for Japanese Americans in World War II.

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