Sunday, November 03, 2002

Andy writes:
Roger writes, "Only the feds have access to all the info, have competent personnel, and can do a multi-state investigation. I say, let the feds finish the investigation, and then let VA or whoever else prosecute."

Only the feds "have competent personnel"??? Most high-profile investigations and prosecutions by the feds have been mishandled and/or politically distorted. Unlike state prosecutions, there has been no elected federal official to hold accountable for the mishandling, which guarantees perpetuation of the problem.

It's long overdue to hold politicians who appoint federal prosecutors and judges accountable for their conduct. Sununu should have been held accountable for Souter; US Senators should be held accountable for their selection of US Attorneys.

Television soundbites, which have dominated elections for 40 years, do not permit such accountability. But the internet does. Good information disseminated on the internet should increasingly influence close elections.

Roger writes, "If Human Events (HE) is not conservative enough for you, what are you going to read instead?"

Newspapers and magazines are nothing more than news filters of information readily available on the internet. They are only useful if the reader has confidence in the objectivity of the filter. HE is losing that. For example, it wouldn't surprise me if Sununu's team has been using HE to discredit Bob Smith, and that angers me.

The choice is not HE or another news filter. It's HE versus spending time getting news directly from the source -- the internet and emailed news.

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