Wednesday, November 13, 2002

The Santa Cruz city council passed a resolution opposing federal anti-terrorist legislation. Santa Cruz politics is dominated by left-wing kooks. The Mercury News today said:
Even Councilman Mark Primack, who in the past has accused the council of wasting its time by discussing national and international issues, joined his colleagues this time around.
As a ``child of the McCarthy era,'' when suspected communists were summoned before Sen. Joe McCarthy's House UnAmerican Activities Committee, Primack said he was appalled at throwing around words like ``patriot'' and ``homeland'' to rally political support.

This a typical wacky leftist reference to Joe McCarthy. It does not even make any sense. It wasn't "Sen. Joe McCarthy's House UnAmerican Activities Committee" -- Sen. Joe McCarthy was in the US Senate and the House UnAmerican Activities Committee was in the US House of Representatives. McCarthy had nothing to do with the committee.

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