Thursday, November 28, 2002

Andy writes:
Husband, allegedly a frequent gambler, takes rich wife on hiking trip in Utah. She then mysteriously falls off a cliff, with a witness providing incriminating testimony. Prosecutor says husband even checked out the site 2 months earlier. Looks to me like a slam dunk for the State.

Well, guess what. The feds insist on handling the case, with the U.S. Attorney charging the husband with interstate domestic violence under VAWA. He then tries the case himself amid media hoopla. Seats a jury that has not one, but two potential holdouts. Even takes the jury up the mountain to view the site, a mistake in critics' view. 10-2 vote for conviction turns into a 12-0 acquittal. Thank you VAWA and federalization of crime. See for coverage.

Just as the 2000 election changed Ashcroft for the worse, it looks like the 2002 election has changed GWB for the worse. First he attacked the religious right over Islam; then he rammed through Homeland Security bill; then he appointed Kissinger; and now he's letting in Mexican trucks. GWB may think he's politically unstoppable. LBJ, and maybe Bush the First, thought that too. Do we have to rely on the Left to block him?

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