Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Henry Kissinger is going to head a commission to investigate 9/11?! It is a very odd choice. The Left thinks that he is a war criminal. The Right thinks that he is a puppet to certain international interests. Nobody ever trusted him but Richard Nixon, and Nixon is dead. Kissinger came to the US as a child in 1938, but still speaks with a very thick German accent. Couldn't Bush find someone who was better respected? If the purpose of the commission was to quiet the conspiracy theorists, then it is going to fail miserably. When Kissinger is involved, I expect a cover-up.

Update: Kissinger says the NY Times "will apologize for this editorial when our report is submitted." What a joke. The submission of a report will not prove anything. The question is whether the public will believe what Kissinger says. If Kissinger can defend the secret bombing of Cambodia, then he can defend a lot of other secrecy.

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