Wednesday, November 13, 2002

JG disputes my entry saying that people can dress up at the devil on Halloween. She says that has not been allowed in Colorado Springs for the last 10 years. Her local paper said:
Want to raise a holy ruckus? Go to school as a devil
If you asked villagers to name the toughest thing to do around here, you’d get plenty of answers.
Driving more than a half mile without snapping an axle in a pothole.
Airing out the room after a City Council meeting.
Shoveling out the room after an El Paso County Board of Commissioners meeting.
Explaining why, during a drought, the Broadmoor golf course was used as the location for an episode of "Baywatch." But without doubt the toughest thing to do, the single hardest job, the most inconceivably difficult task, is this: Dressing up in a little devil costume, complete with the funny little red horns, then trying to get through the front door of your Colorado Springs elementary school on Halloween.
Few kids make it.
Generally, such brazen attempts to enter one of our village’s schools on Halloween in a red costume results in a frantic counterattack as our educators swarm the offending child, wrestling him to the ground and wrapping him in rosary beads before the young Beelzebub can make any of his classmates’ heads spin completely around.

She also sends this story about a mother made her son stand on a street corner with a sign around his neck saying: "I didn't do my homework". The police investigated, and reported her to the state Department of Social Services.

She also agrees with my comment, "Sunstein is an idiot.":
Darn right! In addressing U of Chicago Law School grads at their hooding ceremony last June, he enumerated the various rights of American citizens: the right to health care, the right to a "good" job, the right to an education... Richard Epstein actually laughed (afterwards, unfortunately).

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