Sunday, November 10, 2002

The Animal Liberation movement is doing better than I thought. NY Times Magazine says:

Earlier this year, Germany became the first nation to grant animals a constitutional right: the words ''and animals'' were added to a provision obliging the state to respect and protect the dignity of human beings. The farming of animals for fur was recently banned in England. In several European nations, sows may no longer be confined to crates nor laying hens to ''battery cages'' -- stacked wired cages so small the birds cannot stretch their wings. The Swiss are amending their laws to change the status of animals from ''things'' to ''beings.''

Even in the US, Oklahomans just voted to ban cockfighting. (It is still legal in just a couple of other states.)

Silicon Valley is usually in the news for technology products. Today, it is wild pigs. The pigs are pests, but they are good to eat. Even the environmentalists consider them pests, because they are non-native. The obvious solution is to hunt and eat them. The only reason we have a wild pig problem is because anti-hunting zealots have eliminated most of the hunting. We also have mountain lion problems for similar reasons.

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