Friday, November 29, 2002

Andy writes:
Many, including conservatives, are giving GWB credit for the recent election. I just don't see the evidence for it.

Talent's performance was almost identical to his race in 2000, but with Carnahan a weaker opponent and the office of Senate being more St. Louisan friendly. Wellstone would have beaten Coleman, and the bad publicity from the funeral likely enabled Coleman to win. Georgia was demagoguery.

Ron Paul, who courageously opposes misguided Administration policies, won with a stunning 68%. He'll be on Rush Limbaugh tomorrow.

Incidentially, no one has explained the flame-out of Buchanan's anti-immigation, America First approach. The immigration issue is important, but it's not the #1 issue for anyone. Hence it's impossible to build a party on it. People who oppose immigration are all over the political spectrum. Gather them in a room, and then start mentioning other issues, and they scatter. In contrast, select people based on their views on abortion and you can predict their views on most other issues, such as church and state and education.

I see a change in media reporting on human cloning. First they were excited about it, hoping it would legitimize "playing God" and pro-abortion issues. But now, with claims that someone is actually doing it, the media are not so happy about it. Enormous outrage is going to result if a cloned child has any problems. It is the ultimate materialistic folly for someone to want to clone himself.

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