Friday, January 05, 2024

Black Women in Charge

Ann Coulter writes:
The Claudine Gay affair reminds me that we need a reckoning on how the “intersectionality” project is going.
Gay is the recently demoted Harvard president. She was hired for being a Black woman professor. She and Penn had the USA's worst college free speech policies, and gave Congress testimony about how they approve of advocating genocide of Jews.

The women college presidents were obviously incompetent, as they could not explain their college policies with mindlessly parroting lawyer advice.

It turned out that Gay was also a terrible scholar, and had plagiarized much of her supposed research in Black studies.

The idea was that after centuries of being kept down by racism and sexism — although that didn’t seem to hurt accomplished black women like Barbara Jordan, Condi Rice, Jessye Norman, Zora Neale Hurston and on and on — black women would finally be given a fair shot. Think of all that untapped talent!

But so far, intersectionality has mostly placed a lot of black women in high-profile jobs far beyond their abilities. Or as the former Harvard president once said, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

This will be the first in a series of columns I will issue periodically reflecting on the accomplishments of those at the top of the “intersectionality” heap. We’ll start with two heroic black lady prosecutors.

Marilyn Mosby started the trend of fabulous black women saving America by becoming prosecutors. One of her first cases involved a notorious Baltimore heroin dealer, Freddie Gray, who sustained fatal injuries while being transported in the back of a police van. A mere 10 days later, Mosby charged all six officers involved (three black and three white) with crimes up to murder and manslaughter, after summarily blowing off the police investigation, but without having completed her own investigation first.

For this, Mosby was instantly acclaimed as a national hero!

Coulter's stories are amazing. Putting Black women in charge has been a colossal failure many times.

Gay's demotion was partly driven by rich Jewish donor Bill Ackman, who now writes:

I came to learn that the root cause of antisemitism at Harvard was an ideology that had been promulgated on campus, an oppressor/oppressed framework, that provided the intellectual bulwark behind the protests, helping to generate anti-Israel and anti-Jewish hate speech and harassment.

Then I did more research. The more I learned, the more concerned I became, and the more ignorant I realized I had been about DEI, a powerful movement that has not only pervaded Harvard but the educational system at large. I came to understand that diversity, equity, and inclusion was not what I had naively thought these words meant. ...

Under DEI’s ideology, any policy, program, educational system, economic system, grading system, admission policy (and even climate change, due its disparate impact on geographies and the people that live there), etc., that leads to unequal outcomes among people of different skin colors is deemed racist.

As a result, according to DEI, capitalism is racist, Advanced Placement exams are racist, IQ tests are racist, corporations are racist—in other words, any merit-based program, system, or organization that has or generates outcomes for different races that are at variance with the proportion these different races represent in the population at large is by definition racist under DEI’s ideology.

That would be great if Jews wise up about DEI.

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CFT said...

Here's the thing. When almost 95 percent of people are being called 'racist' for one thing or another, It doesn't mean anything.