Wednesday, January 24, 2024

The Case for Colonialism

Colonialism has become such a bad word, that it is hard to find any discussion of the pros and cons.

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Bruce Gilley is a professor of political science at Portland State University. Bruce wrote an article in 2017 for Third World Quarterly titled, “The case for colonialism.” This enraged people who called for him to lose his academic position and be stripped of his PhD. The article was retracted due to credible death threats. In 2023, he published a book by the same name.

Before his academic career, Bruce worked as a journalist in Hong Kong. This experience strongly influenced his views about colonialism. In 2021, we produced a series on my channel called, “Decolonize Explained” where Bruce debunks the myths around colonization.

In this conversation, Bruce and I spoke about the Harvard plagiarism scandal, DEI, and the broader academic landscape. Then, we switched the topic to his book, “The Case For Colonialism.” We discussed the reality of colonialism and what history gets wrong, as well as what may have occurred absent colonialism. The conversation concludes with a discussion about what is next for Bruce’s career.

Death threats for an academic essay? When there is that kind of censorship, there is always some truth to what is being censored.

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CFT said...

We now live in the time where spoiled brats threatening genocide is considered 'fair discourse', giving death threats to any position not on the left is 'understandable', and silencing opinions you don't agree with is 'social justice'. The road to hell is paved many times over with such nonsense coming out of the mouths of tantruming children miming their teachers.

We all know how this kind of thing ends historically. When you silence and expel your opponent, leaving no room for them to voice dissent, the conversation stops then the real war starts.