Monday, January 29, 2024

Systemic Racism at Harvard Medical School

PBS TV announces:
Dr. Uché Blackstock has seen firsthand how medical racism shapes health care in America. She's dedicated her career to work at the intersection of medicine, health equity and systemic racism. Her new memoir, "Legacy: A Black Physician Reckons with Racism in Medicine," details both historic health care inequities and her own family history. She joins John Yang to discuss her work and experiences.
Her only example of racism was that she had appendicitis while a student at Harvard Medical School, where her Black mom had also been a student, and the Massachussetts hospital emergency room did not diagnose it correctly at first.

So are the Harvard professors trying to kill off Black students? This does not even make any sense. While people get misdiagnosed also. She probably had better access to expert medical care than 98% of the population.

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CFT said...

"Here I am at Harvard, oh poor disadvantaged little 'ol me...oh the racists are everywhere!"

Yeah. Sure. 'Poor' little 'ol disadvantaged you.
Wish I had had that kind of disadvantage.

If you are black (or any race for that matter) and at Harvard, you don't get to play the 'poor' card.