Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Sam Harris blames Islam for Fanaticism

Jewish Atheist Sam Harris has posted another rant about the Israel-Gaza war, 5 Myths about Israel and the War in Gaza (Episode #351).

His main point is that Israelis are modern civilized people protecting their legitimate interests, while Moslems are unfit to be on the same moral plane. At 35:00, he says the fundamentals of our religions matter, and are different. Religious tribalism is always a potential source of intolerance and violence. Islam is the worst, and he calls out the doctrines of martyrdom, jihad, apostasy, and blasphemy. Moslems must moderate their beliefs, because they do not value human life the way we do. Jihadism is the one ism that can no longer be tolerated (18:40). Gaza should just peacefully submit to Israeli authority (21:00).

A lot of people call Harris a bigot for saying stuff like this, but I think it is completely legitimate to call out others for their beliefs, even if those beliefs came from religious brainwashing. Especially if they came from religion.

Okay, but Judaism is the most tribal of the major religions. Harris likes to deny being religious, but he was born to a Jewish family and identifies with the Jews. He identifies with Israel, even though he may never have even been there. His views are typical for American secular Jews. He is a Trump-hater. He talks about destroying Gaza as if they were sub-human.

I agree that Moslems need to moderate their beliefs, and that we should not tolerate jihadism. But Jews need to moderate their beliefs also.

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CFT said...

It isn't that the Jews push their beliefs on others, it's more along the lines of whether you belong to their tribe or not, as once you are born Jewish you are 'in like Flynn'...even if you don't believe in god at all or practice any kind of observance whatsoever. There is one moral code and standard for themselves, and quite another for goyim (gentile or non-jews) in how they are considered and treated.

This is the crux of what the whole business of Jesus fussing about Jews and how they treated Gentiles (the good Samaritan parable) was revolving around, he was pointing out to both the priest classes that they were creating their own worst enemies. Jesus was heavily pushing 'open consumality' or everyone should be able to eat together.. or they had no chance in hell of ever getting along. This was because the Jews often used their dietary restrictions of observance to isolate themselves from all other peoples socially...kind of like an exclusive country club to keep the riffraff out.