Saturday, January 27, 2024

Lawfare abuses Defamation Juries

The dishonest and unfair lawfare against Donald Trump continues.

E. Jean Carroll just got a $83 million jury verdict against Trump.

Here are the facts. Carroll wrote a book claiming that Trump raped her in a high-end NYC department store in the 1990s. She did not report it at the time, and cannot say what year it happened. The whole story is preposterous, as no one ever gets raped in a high-end nyc department store.

The first jury said that she lied about the rape, but awarded her $5 million anyway. The second jury $83 million.

The lawsuits were funded by Reid Hoffman, a billionaire Biden donor.

I see regular YouTube ads from Sandy Hook parents. They already sued Alex Jones for a billion dollars, and now they are running some kind of gun scam. I did not follow the ads.

These lawsuits are all bogus, and attacks on free speech. We need laws limiting defamation judgments. Carroll was not harmed by what Trump. She probably sold more books.

Trump says he never met Carroll. No one has proved that wrong.

Jones got criticized for saying that the Sandy Hook story was a hoax, but he did raise legitimate questions about the story, and he should have a free speech right to do that.

Our legal system is broken. The judge in the Carroll case did not allow Trump to argue that he was innocent, or that he did not defame Carroll, or that Carroll is a lying lunatic, or that Hoffman bankrolled the case.

Bill Maher broadcast his weekly HBO anti-Trump rant, and this time he bragged about how Brazil elected a president with all votes cast and counted the same day.

Okay, that is exactly what Trump demands! We used to do elections that way, and it arguable that federal law requires. The excepttion was 2020, when Trump got a clear majority of votes cast and counted on election day, but was declared the loser based on unverifiable other ballots.

If you want fair elections, vote for Trump.


CFT said...

How can someone be accused of rape, when the accuser can not remember accurately to even verify their own testimony or actually, you know... supply evidence besides "Look! upset woman crying in front of camera!?"

This is just the Kavanaugh supreme court hearings all over again. Where again is Miss Blasey Ford now? The little victim who couldn't even remember what year (nor her supportive friends) she was raped? If she had actually been raped, she would most definitely not have forgotten what YEAR it happened.

Do some research on Ms. Carroll as well, apparently her New York lifestyle needed another capital infusion to keep her solvent, considering she was already coasting on the last jury award.

'Believe all women' my ass. You might as well hold the Salem Witch trials up as a job well done.

"Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour"
-take a flying guess

CFT said...

This...woman (E. Jean Carroll) is ... just batshit crazy. She names her cat 'Vagina T. Fireball'? She refuses to press 'you know' actual rape charges against Trump because illegal alien women are being raped along the border? Say whut? This is a reason? This is an actual person? Women actually think this is justice? Compensatory damages in the millions for Trump saying 'she's lying?' ... this is considered an act of malice? Won't this all look nice in appeals court.

Oh dear god. I weep for this nation.

MikeAdamson said...

83 million is an absurd amount although I would be more sympathetic if Trump didn't believe he is above the law. Talk about a spoiled brat!

CFT said...

When your accuser doesn't even file a rape charge when they have been given plenty of time to do so, can't produce any actual evidence, and can't remember when the event happened, or even what season, and apparently remembers wearing a dress that didn't even exist at the time of the so called event, how do you even try this in a court of law? Hearsay and hurt fee-fees is enough for 83 million dollars in imaginary damages? This case is going to be appealed, hopefully thrown out with Trump counter suing to give other dimwits pause before they litigate without evidence.

You also don't know what Trump believes... unless you are claiming to be psychic or have divine knowledge. Stop pretending you know what is in another person's mind or soul, you simply don't know, You just have an opinion. The law is not about your feelings or anyone else's for that matter, it's about evidence and demonstrable fact. This case has no evidence, just angry democrats and a crazy woman who names her pets after venereal diseases and apparently models her
rape claims after a TV show where someone is raped in the same manner in the same department store .