Sunday, January 07, 2024

Sam Harris goes full Judaism

Sam Harris is mostly famous for denouncing religion, and now released a new podcast:
Sam Harris speaks with Rabbi David Wolpe about the global response to the atrocities of October 7th, 2023. They discuss the difference between Israeli and diaspora Jews, the history and logic of antisemitism, the role of conspiracy theories, Great Replacement Theory, reasons for Jewish success, right-wing antisemitism, left-wing antisemitism, the response of Harvard to October 7th, the college presidents’ testimony before Congress, the future of DEI and civil discourse, the BDS movement, antisemitism vs anti-Zionism, Jewish acceptance at Ivy League universities, the antisemitism endemic to Islam, foreign funding of US universities, and other topics.
Harris is a Jewish Atheist who previous criticized Judaism, but now reveals himself to be very much a Jewish believer.

They admit that anti-semitism on today's colleges is almost entirely from the Left. Nevertheless they attack Trump and right-wingers. They say right-wingers complain about internationalists, leftists, and pro-immigrationists, but they are really attacking Jews.

They complain about attention to Jewish power, saysing that internationalism and leftist are not entirely leftist. They complain repeatedly about how some say that the Great Replacement Theory is engineered by Jews. They do not deny it, but say that some non-Jews are involved also.

The religion of Judaism consists primarily of promoting Jewish ethnocentrism by telling stories about Jewish persecution. Based on this, I call Harris a religious Jew.

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