Saturday, January 20, 2024

Teacher says being Straight is Offensive

The NY Post reports:
A Seattle high school teacher has been accused of berating a student for describing himself as “straight” — saying it’s “offensive” because it suggests LGBTQ people must be “crooked.”
This may be an isolated incident, but this is coming. Many public schools now teach kids to be an LGTBQ slly. in other words, to take sides in the culture wars.

LGBTQ folks are crooked. Try looking up queer in a dictionary.


CFT said...

If the teacher is offended by merely hearing the word 'straight', I wonder if they can even possibly imagine how it feels to be a parent lectured by an incredibly tiny group of mentally ill people who think Smurf blue hair is attractive, and convincing impressionable children they are in the wrong body and then castrating them before they have even gone through puberty is empowering.

For a group of people previously horrified by the idea of circumcision just a few years ago, I'm at a loss to explain the gay community largely embracing the overt sexual mutilation and castration of children.

Anonymous said...

Straight was the opposite of "bent", which is what we called gays in the UK