Sunday, November 01, 2020

Neoconservatives are flocking to Biden

Philip Weiss reports:
Neoconservatives are flocking to the Biden campaign. The DC braintrust that believes in using US military power to aid Israel in the Middle East has jumped parties before -- to Clinton in ’92, and back to Bush in 2000 -– and now they’re hopping aisles to support Biden, with Bill Kristol leading the way.

Last night on an official Biden campaign webinar led by “Jewish Americans for Biden”, and moderated by Ann Lewis of Democratic Majority for Israel, two prominent neocon Republicans endorsed Biden, primarily because of Trump’s character posing a danger to democracy. But both neocons emphasized that Biden would be more willing to use force in the Middle East and reassured Jewish viewers that Biden will seek to depoliticize Israel support, won’t necessarily return to the Iran deal and will surround himself with advisers who support Israel and believe in American military intervention.

Eric Edelman, a former diplomat and adviser to Dick Cheney, said Trump’s peace plan has fostered an open political divide in the U.S. over Israel, because the plan endangers “the demographic future of Israel and its ability to continue to be both a Jewish and a democratic state.” (Demographic future means that Israel might have a majority of Palestinians, an argument we associate in the U.S. with segregationists.)

Eliot Cohen, a Bush aide and academic, echoed the fear that Israel is being politicized. “A lot of Jews made a big mistake by taking something I was in favor of, moving the embassy to Jerusalem and obsessing about that,” he said. But there was huge political risk in that: if the United States is internally divided, at war with itself, and “Israel has become a partisan issue, which it should never ever be…. That’s not in Israel’s longterm security interest.”

I post this as an example of Jewish thinking.

You might think that of American orthodox Jews support Pres. Trump, and Israeli Jews support Trump, then "DC braintrust" Jews might also. Nope. They are concerned about Jewish identity in Israel and American willingness to fight Middle East wars. Or I think that is what he is saying. Read the article for yourself.

The Jews do control the Democrat Party. They do most of the fundraising. And with the Democrats widely predicted to take the Senate, it will be led by Chuck Schumer, who seems more concerned about Israel than the USA.

Ronald Brownstein writes in another Jewish magazine:

Why the 2020s Could Be as Dangerous as the 1850s

If Joe Biden beats Donald Trump decisively next week, this election may be remembered as a hinge point in American history: the moment when a clear majority of voters acknowledged that there’s no turning back from America’s transformation into a nation of kaleidoscopic diversity, a future that doesn’t rely on a backward-facing promise to make America great again. ...

Today Republicans and Democrats are divided less by class or region than by attitudes toward the propulsive demographic, cultural, and economic shifts remaking 21st-century America. ...

Democrats have become the party of the people and places most immersed in, and welcoming of, those shifts: people of color, Millennials and members of Generation Z, secular adults who don’t identify with any religious tradition, and college-educated white professionals, all of them clustered in the nation’s largest metropolitan centers.

Heading into the campaign’s final weekend, Trump is facing erosion on both sides of this divide, ...

And that could make the 2020s the most turbulent decade for America since the 1850s, when a very similar dynamic unfolded.

He is saying that a Biden win might bring civil war.

Update: I just listened to a podcast from two Trump-haters, Sam Harris and Andrew Sullivan. These guys rambled for 1.7 hours on how terrible Trump is, and how much that wanted him defeated, and yet they could not think of a specific example of how Biden would be any better. They admitted that the press is corrupt and incredible in its support for Biden, and that Biden is incompetent. They admitted that they oppose Trump in part based on their own personal mental health issues, and they gave the impression that they would both have to go on anti-depressant drugs if Trump is re-elected.

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