Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Need to control immigration

One of the biggest Trump issues is immigration. Pres. Trump believed in reasonable limits to immigration, and Biden promises not to deport anyone.
Chart is a Migration Policy Institute tabulation of census data.

As you can see, immigration has radically expanded. And it could get a lot bigger, as there are 100 million people from China who want to come here, and another 100 million from India.

Of those who supported Biden, I hardly saw any who try to justify these exponential immigration rates. Those who do only do it to cheer the extinction of the White race.

The American immigration issue is not new. A 1914 book, The Old World in the New, explained that to much immigration was changing America for the worse:

Without likening immigrants to negroes, one may point out how the latter-day employer resembles the old-time planter in his blindness to the effects of his labor policy upon the blood of the nation.
This book could not be published today. It directly addresses many important immigration issues. It is also filled with generalizations about ethnic groups, such as:
That the Mediterranean peoples are morally below the races of northern Europe is as certain as any social fact. Even when they were dirty, ferocious barbarians, these blonds were truth-tellers.
I have no ideas about the truths of these statements, as such matters are not discussed anymore.

Instead, we get nonsense like this recent TED Talk:

But then George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin, followed by this unending string of high-profile police shootings of unarmed Black people, ...

But genetically, we are all 99.9 percent the same. ...

Greeks thought they were better than the other people they knew about, ...

He said, in his exhaustive research, he found what he believed to be the first articulation of racist ideas. ...

His name is Gomes de Zurara. Portuguese man. Wrote a book in the 1450s in which he did something that no one had ever done before, according to Dr. Kendi. He lumped together all the people of Africa — a vast, diverse continent — and he described them as a distinct group, inferior and beastly. ...

And with the stroke of a pen, Zurara invented both blackness and whiteness, because he basically created the notion of blackness through this description of Africans, and as Dr. Kendi says, blackness has no meaning without whiteness. ...

Racism didn’t start with a misunderstanding, it started with a lie.

So Ibram X. Kendi says the distinction between whiteness and blackness was a lie that was invented in 1450 to enslave Africans. If it were not for that book, maybe no one would have ever noticed any difference between White and Black folks. No, the 1914 book is much more enlightening.

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